Journal Entry – 9.1.1998

Well I’ve been back for a whole month now.  I have regressed to the level of boredom that I had before I went to Spain.  I am still trying to find a job but none have accepted me yet.  The hard part is finding a job that I want to do.  Today I did absolutely nothing.  I looked at the jobs on the internet and sent out a few e-mails, then I got a response.  He want’s me to e-mail him a resumé.  It would be clerical work.  I also called the union and left a message but those lazy bastards didn’t call me back. 

Journal Entry – 8.8.1998

I’ve been back about a week now and I am finally starting to settle in.  I was depressed for the first couple of days.  I missed everything about Spain.  But now things are getting back to normal.  I’ve also got my living situation arranged.  I’m going to be living at Olentangy Commons.  It’s a very nice place.  I have to start looking for a job soon.  That’s not going to be fun.  I still miss Laurel a lot.  She called me before she went on the cruise and I’m not sure if she is back yet.  Ross is home and we have been hanging out.  Last night we went to the St. Stevens festival but there weren’t many people there.  I’m not sure what we are going to do tonight.  I guess it will be Ross, Jason, John and I doing something but I’m not sure what.  I’m kinda tired and really can’t think of anything to write about.  I guess I’m still not normal yet.  I really miss what I had in Spain. 

Steve Frabott II – Memorial Post

This is a memorial post for my childhood friend Steve Frabott.

Steve – I’ll never forget the great times at the dollar movies and your skill at making fake IDs.  You were a good dude. I came to see you one last time at the funeral home and it was surreal seeing you like that.  Someone had also stuck a joint behind your ear which I couldn’t decide if it was in bad taste or something that you would have appreciated.

Lantern Article:

Friends Remember Accident Victim

Journal Entry – 7.30.1998

Well I’m leaving for home tomorrow. I’m just sitting here in my hotel room because everyone else has already left.  Laurel was here with me and we had a great time together here in Madrid.  But she left today around one and I went into Madrid and bought a USA Today went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and then went to La Reina Sofia to get some prints of some Dali paintings.