Journal Entry – 2.24.19 – Second Post

Immediately after finishing my previous post I put on my Oculus VR, opened up the meditation app and found myself sitting in a grass field.  My favorite meditation practice is Zen, where the goal is to have a clear mind like the sky and to just ‘be.’  Thoughts are like white clouds that arrive out of nowhere and you let them just pass on through neither fixating on them nor hindering them.

Journal Entry – 2.24.2019

It is Sunday February 24th at 5:52 AM.  It looks like I’m back to my old routine of naturally waking up very early.  I think the mostly has to do with getting back into my exercise routine which promotes a very restful sleep.  I still haven’t started the morning gym routine again but I’m back at karate and that is a big workout by itself.

Journal Entry – 2.22.2019

It is 5:15 AM on Friday February 22nd, 2019.  This morning is the first time I’ve woken up very early but also decided to get up in 2019.  Yes, I would still wake up early but just could not find the motivation or energy to actually get out of bed and would just fall asleep.  I’ve also been in poor heath for a good part of this year.  I’ve had colds that just don’t go away, or go away and come back again.  My mindset has been full of stress and work has been busy.  I’ve been lethargic and not really motivated to do much.

Journal Entry – 2.11.2019

It is 2:11 PM on 2.11.19.  The morning was hectic with three calls in a row but things have slowed a bit so I thought I’d try to get a journal entry in.

These past two weeks have been tough with back to back colds mostly brought on by stress.  Last week my boss’s boss came in for a ride along.  He is very cool and I enjoyed the dinner and meeting the next day but even so, ride alongs with the boss are a bit stressful due to all the preparation and hoping the meetings go well.  My second meeting actually cancelled on the day of the meeting and so my anxiety shot sky high.  The meeting I did have went extremely well so that was good news.


My running list of words I’ve just learned, had forgotten or never really understood:

変革ーへんかく- Revolution
建材 – けんざい – Building Materials
更に – さらに  – Furthermore
とにかく- Anyways
瞑想ーめいそうーMeditation (無)。何も考えない
黙想ーもくそうーMeditation 練習の前するときに
皮膚科 (医)- ひふか(い) – Dermatology (Dermatologist)

孤独死 ーこどくし – Dying Alone

ご主人ーごしゅじん- Husband/master
ご出身地 ーごしゅっしんち – Birthplace