Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Karate presentation

World Oyama Karate put on a demonstration at the 2017 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.  I’ve always enjoyed the festival but have never actually participated myself except for the preparation of the Japan Airlines float many years ago.  My demonstration was called ‘kihon sono 4’ and we made BaySpo, (2017年4月14日) the Japanese language newspaper in […]

New favorite song

Just discovered this song.  For me it elicits very strong images/emotions of my time in high school.  Aren’t we all dreamers?  I think when the dreams start to die we’ve become too old.  Adulthood has a way of killing youthful dreams and enthusiasm doesn’t it.  We get so wrapped up in what others want us […]

Ohio – Indie guitar music

Just discovered what “soft indie guitar music” is and found this song about Ohio. It makes me want to slowly sip whiskey while watching the autumn leaves of red and orange fall softly on the horizon across a vast farming landscape in Chillicothe. Yes it does!