G-Shock watch G-72010

My wife recently got an Apple 3-series watch.  This made me think I might start wearing a watch again.  I haven’t worn a watch since 2004 but took a look in my drawer and found my old G-Shock watch that my wife got me as a birthday present when we were dating back in 2004. I never wore it because I had become accustomed to looking at my cell phone for the time.

Journal Entry – 5.3.2018

It is 1:28 AM on Thursday May 3rd, 2018.  I’m not posting this one right away since I’m writing about something which this something might actually read.  What does that mean?

I’m currently exploring a new job opportunity and one of the requirements is a background check.  My background is not cause for anxiety but it causes it anyway.  It is amazing the amount of information human resource departments ask for now days.  I imagine they do so due to liability and the rise in our culture where everyone sues everyone and companies do have to pay out a lot due to liability.  In the case of this opportunity they’ve asked for:  corporate references, past employer references, fingerprints, college degree verification, a driver’s license check, criminal background history check, a drug test and so on.  This is the final phase for this opportunity and it just happens to coincide with my privacy experiment here on the internet.

Fighter’s Cup

It is 6:08 AM on Sunday morning, March 5th, 2017.  Today is the day of our very first Fighter’s Cup.  It seems to be more on my mind than my son’s who is happily playing on his iPad on the couch seemingly without a care in the world.

He is lucky because he is in the easiest division: beginners are white, blue and yellow belts and he is also in the youngest age group (4-6) when kicks and punches really don’t hurt much.  He is a six year old yellow belt so at the best end on both criteria for the bracket