We took our very first day trip by plane yesterday and it was an adventure indeed. I work for an airline and the flight benefits are fantastic. They are standby but since we can see the loads of the plane know which flights will be full and which will not. The problem however, does not […]

Nashville, Tennessee Part 2

The time is 11:11 and I’m back at the hotel. We had training all day and then an excellent party at a venue called 12th and Porter where there was a buffet, drinks and fabulous live music. I introduced myself to many new colleagues and we all had a good time. But it was after […]

Nashville Tennessee

I’m writing from the Sheraton Grand Hotel here downtown where we’re having our national sales meeting. Coming from San Francisco there weren’t any direct flights where we would make it to the 1:00 start on time so us West Coasters flew in yesterday afternoon. I’ve been to Tennessee once in my life and that was […]


It is 4:15 AM on Wednesday, September 26.  It looks like I’m back to my regular sleep schedule as I had no trouble waking up at 4:00 AM.  I’m in a hotel though so the sleep wasn’t that deep and I had weird dreams as I usually do when in a hotel. On the flight […]