Harry Potter moving ‘wanted poster’ using own video

Last week I noticed we had the option to use short videos in our Facebook profiles.  This got me thinking about what might make a fun profile video; the best I could think of were those wanted posters from Harry Potter where the image moves.

I had some rare free time so I put on my headphones, stared at the screen and went into the zone for the next two hours.  It took me a while but I was able to figure it out using software I already had – nothing really fancy either.

Jungle Hunt, Camisra and Pitfall

This morning I finally figured out the second part of a question that has been in my mind for two decades.  It is a question that would pop into my head and I would either immediately forget about it or make an attempt to find the answer, never with any luck.  It isn’t even really a question, rather I just wanted to know the name of one dance/electronic piece of music back in some club in 1998; then an additional thought came to mind several years later as I tried to find the song.

Encryption, Synology and External Disks

I’ve spent the last few days encrypting everything.  We’ve had a lot of home break-ins recently in our little seaside hamlet and it made me realize how vulnerable all our data was to thieves.  With all the security, firewalls, passcodes and so on I never really thought much about having our physical devices stolen out of the house!  And so, I went into paranoia mode and have been encrypting everything and anything.

del.icio.us bookmarks and internet stuff

This past week I finally got around to organizing yet another part of my life.  This time it was my internet bookmarks;  not the browser bookmarks as I had done that previously but more specifically the once I had on del.icio.us.  I noticed in December that his site was often down and remains so!  This is very odd for one of the most popular sites of the 2.0 web.  They also disabled the export function with a note saying it put too much strain on their servers!!