The witching hour 8.19.2015

It is now 3:30am.  I woke up around 2 but couldn’t fall back to sleep after an hour of trying so decided to just get up.  I looked out over the ocean and noticed a very bright light.  Sometimes it is a cruise ship pulling into San Francisco so I thought I try to snap a picture.

I got my telescope and just put my phone up to the lens.  The light turned out to be two ships with a patrol boat or two circling them.  I have no idea what these ships would be doing. at 3am. with patrol boats.

Strange things are afoot in Linda Mar.

Linda Mar at 3:00am
Linda Mar at 3:00am

Update:  3:36am – The boats have turned off the bright lights.
Update: 9/2 – I put this up on the Pacifica message boards asking what it might be.  The best answer was squid fishing.  The bright lights attract the squid and the boat circles with the net to collect the squid – makes sense.

Devil’s Slide Ride 2015

It is Monday morning so I’m backdating this post to Saturday which was a day worth posting about.  My neighbor and I participated in Parca’s Devil’s Slide Ride previously known as Giro di Pacifica.  We did the mountain bike course which was his first mountain biking ride in Pacifica after I finally convinced him to get a bike.  It was  a beautiful day.

Strava link to my ride:

After the ride we went to Devil’s Slide Tap Room for a few beers.  I had the Anderson Valley Boont Barl which was a fantastic beer.  I only wish I would have looked in my swag bag for the ride because there was a 10% off coupon for the brewery!  

Devil's Slide Tap Room
Devil’s Slide Tap Room

Afterwards we had a wonderful cookout

20150718_175937 20150718_201954


Then to top the day off had a spectacular view of a crescent Moon and Venus right next to each other.  The website had a few nice pictures of it as well!  

Moon and Venus
Moon and Venus