Don Juan de Marco

While I’m a bachelor I’ve been catching up on a few of my favorite movies. One of my all time favorites is Don Juan de Marco.  Like Don Quixote, Don Juan de Marco lives in a fantasy world, but in doing so the world conforms to them instead of them conforming to the world. This…… Continue reading Don Juan de Marco

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この世界の片隅に In This Corner of the World Wikipedia- This is a very powerful movie.  It is the story of a simple countryside girl who goes through life in wartime Japan.  Usually when we hear of war stories there is a good side and a bad side, reasons are justified and perhaps some heroes are…… Continue reading この世界の片隅に

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いのちの記憶 (Inochi no Kioku) Lyrics, music and performed by Kazumi Nikaido. Japanese Romaji English 「いのちの記憶」 (唄:二階堂和美) “Inochi no Kioku” (Uta: Nikaido Kazumi) “Memory of Life” (performed by Kazumi Nikaido) あなたに触れた よろこびが深く 深く このからだの 端々に しみ込んでゆく ずっと 遠く なにも わからなくなっても たとえ このいのちが 終わる時が来ても いまのすべては 過去のすべて 必ず また会える 懐かしい場所で あなたがくれた ぬくもりが 深く 深く 今 遥かな時を越え 充ち渡ってく じっと 心に 灯す情熱の炎も そっと 傷をさする 悲しみの淵にも いまのすべては 未来の希望 必ず 憶えてる 懐かしい場所で いまのすべては 過去のすべて 必ず また会える…… Continue reading 今晩の映画はかぐや姫の物語

つみきのいえ (The House of Small Cubes) – ‘One Life’ and the brevity of life

Last night I saw the short film つみきのいえ, ‘The House of Small Cubes.’  It is of an old man whose village has flooded over may years and so he continually must build another level to his house to stay above water.  In the middle of every cube is a trap door leading to the lower,…… Continue reading つみきのいえ (The House of Small Cubes) – ‘One Life’ and the brevity of life