Dragon’s Lair

I was watching Stranger Things and they had a quick cut to this old game from 1983.  This is why that show appeals to people my age (41), it reminds them of their youth.  I had forgotten all about Dragon’s Lair but was immediately transported back to the old arcade at putt-putt golf and games as well as Wyandot Lake, now Zoombezi Bay in Columbus, Ohio.  It was the first arcade game I had seen that looked so realistic, just like a cartoon!  I was captivated but at costing a dollar to play I could never spend the money.

Journal Entry – Karate and Wrestling

It is 5:51 AM and I’m up later than usual.  Yesterday I had two karate sessions making four for the past two days and I’m battered and bruised.  Surprisingly, it isn’t as bad as I had thought.  When I first began I was afraid of getting punched, kicked and fighting in class.  That fear has has decreased considerably as I’ve grown accustomed to it and my confidence has risen.  I’ve also learned that a wrestling background really helps even if it was a lifetime ago.  Seems like riding a bike to me as you never forget the basics.  We cannot use throws or grabs – which I’ve done a couple of times when a partner gets too close to the surprise of a few black belts -but it helps maintain balance, my body moves naturally and it gives a lot of confidence.

Journal Entry 12.18.2016

It is 3:24 AM.  It is a chilly 39 degrees outside and although there is a beautiful waning gibbous moon it remains very dark on the ground.  When I step outside to look at the stars I see Orion, faithfully in the southern hemisphere confirming that it is the latter half of the year.

There is a quiet stillness to the very early morning that most will never experience.  It is a time when one can be alone with themselves and their thoughts without the innumerable distractions that come when everyone and everything awakes.

Journal Entry 12.13.2016 – Memories of Christmas lights

It is 5:55 AM.  I woke up around 4:30, drank a shot of wheatgrass, put away dry dishes and washed the dirty ones, made coffee, meditated, added to a post about my Grandpa and wished my childhood friend Ryan a happy 40th birthday.  Still left to do are:  write this post, study Japanese, put Sega and Nintendo emulators and roms on USB for another parent at school, take son to school, run reports, contact some corporate customers, clean the fishtanks and most likely go to the post office to mail a bunch of stuff the wife wants me to mail.

Growing up in Golfview Woods – My Memoir

They say that old houses have memories and a distinct atmosphere created by the various inhabitants and what has occurred inside its walls over the decades.  Time passes, children grow and families move away; yet each one leaves something behind which add to the character of the house.  It could be something material such as a treasure hidden away in an air vent, or perhaps marks on the wall that measure a child’s height.  I also believe that the actions, words spoken and feelings that took place inside the house also add a certain energy that although cannot be seen, still linger in some way even after many years have passed.