LTMD – Dating

It has been a long while since I wrote an LTMD.  This is an article for my descendants to read when they are in high school decades from now.

I read an article yesterday on CNN called “The changing reasons why women cheat on their husbands” (Link) and thought I’d offer some advice.

I never had a girlfriend growing up and wasn’t successful in that department until junior/senior year of high school.  After that I had no problems and wanted to give you some very good advice which I learned not only then but also through the past 20 years of, first dating, and then a successful marriage.

The Ancient World, Middle Ages, Christianity and Modern Times

LTMD: I address this to you as there really aren’t many people with whom I could speak freely regarding this subject. So, as I do with many ‘difficult’ topics I’d rather write it to you.

I’ve recently become fascinated with the ‘ancient world,’ which is defined as the time before the fall of the Roman Empire in AD 476.  I was never taught much about it throughout my education and so I was intrigued by the amount of attention ‘ancient knowledge’ is gaining today.

Hillary Clinton – Disappointment

I’m making this an LTMD as there is enough being written about Hillary’s shock loss and I’m not interested in adding to the conversation.  I just want to let my descendants in the far future know some of my current thoughts.  And my thoughts are this:

Most of us, including myself, only know politicians by the news and information we receive.  From this information we form an opinion based on our own mindset, beliefs and what we’ve been taught through the course of our lives.  So I don’t know Hillary, I only know ‘of her’ through the information I read.

Presidential Election 2016 – Trump Wins

It is 4:56 AM.  I stayed up past my 8:30 PM bedtime last night watching the election results come in.  At 8:45 PM I decided it was time to start drinking and by 10:30 I had enough beer, saw the future was bleak and went to bed.


Now, on a peaceful morning on November 9th, 2016 here I am drinking coffee, reading through social media and the news; I see a world in complete shock and disbelief.  In a normal election I’d say that the Republicans took a clean sweep, but it wasn’t them: it was Donald Trump who grabbed the Republican party by the pussy, threw them around, beat them up, made them behave and then gave them victory.

LTMD – Presidential Debate

Last night was the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I thought it would make a good LTMD as last night fundamentally changed politics in this country.

Donald Trump has single handedly blurred the line between a reality TV culture and mainstream politics.  Now, everything is entertainment and it has revealed that a good chunk of Americans are simply not very sophisticated.  They want a good show and they want simplicity, complicated international and domestic issues put in black in white, good and bad which is really the only way they can understand.  Facts no longer matter and anything longer than a three sentence explanation makes them lose interest.