Journal Entry – 2.24.2019

It is Sunday February 24th at 5:52 AM.  It looks like I’m back to my old routine of naturally waking up very early.  I think the mostly has to do with getting back into my exercise routine which promotes a very restful sleep.  I still haven’t started the morning gym routine again but I’m back […]

Journal Entry – 2.22.2019

It is 5:15 AM on Friday February 22nd, 2019.  This morning is the first time I’ve woken up very early but also decided to get up in 2019.  Yes, I would still wake up early but just could not find the motivation or energy to actually get out of bed and would just fall asleep.  […]

Journal Entry – 2.11.2019

It is 2:11 PM on 2.11.19.  The morning was hectic with three calls in a row but things have slowed a bit so I thought I’d try to get a journal entry in. These past two weeks have been tough with back to back colds mostly brought on by stress.  Last week my boss’s boss […]

Shoes of the 90s

I had a lunch appointment at BJs Bar and Grill at Tanforan the other day. I had originally planned on going early to get a massage beforehand but they were busy so I had an extra 30 minutes to kill.  I walked around the mall and dropped into the Foot Locker and saw a pair […]

The Beginning of 2019

Motto for 2019:  Just be. “To study the self is to forget the self” – Dogen 道元禅師 As I wrapped up my post for this morning (below) I wanted to get my motto and saying in this post and up top so I’m easily reminded.  I really enjoy my Zen meditation, especially whilst sitting on a […]