Check-in at 40 part three

It is 8:20 PM on Thursday May 17th, 2018.

Tomorrow I give my two week notice to my current employer.  I’ve been in this position for six years and for the past three have been running on autopilot.  I know my customers, I know how things work, I know all the ins and outs and can get things done.  I didn’t expect to be changing jobs although I did take a peek once in a while.  Looking at job postings is not very fun and so I didn’t do it very much.  It is even less fun when you get calls from recruiters for positions which are terrible and pay less!  So even though I took a look once in a great while nothing could beat the position I’m currently in.

Journal Entry – 5.16.2018

It is 8:20 PM on Wednesday May 16th.  I’m very tired and have been all day due to an amazing experience yesterday.

In my line of work I deal with decision makers in corporations and one of my customers is the San Francisco Giants.  I work with them pretty much weekly but not being much of a sports fan only attended two games in my six years with my current company even though I could get tickets pretty much whenever I wanted.

Journal Entry – 5.12.2018

It is 9:08 AM on Saturday, May 12th.  It is a beautiful day as the weather is already warm, the birds are singing and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  It is also the day before Mother’s Day and my wife is happy with a brand new Apple Watch which according to her is her early birthday present.  Since it is a big gift I’m off the hook for a Mother’s Day gift but we do have a nice day planned for tomorrow.  I’ll get up early and go crabbing with my buddy Sadao and hopefully I’ll catch one or two.  Sadao also taught me how to make crab flavored miso soup which would be a great addition to our cookout tomorrow.

Check-in at 40 part two

It is 5:11 AM on Friday, May 11th.

Check-in at 40 part one

In a previous post  mentioned that things were changing and that I felt a new chapter of my life has begun.  The turning of the page has become even more a reality in the past two days which have extended beyond just how I feel and act but soon in what I do for a living.  I’ve accepted a new job and should be starting on June 4th (actual date still being firmed up).  I am going back to the airlines and this was one opportunity where all my requirements to change fell into place:  I’ll work from home, the salary is better, the company is great, I remain in the travel industry and after I’m established can pretty much dictate my own schedule.  I’ll also be dealing with many of the same customers so the transition won’t be too difficult.

Jean Jacket, Karate and the ’80s

As I mentioned previously I love the Cobra Kai series on YouTube.  It makes me remember the ’80s very fondly and how I really don’t like the times these days.  Part of it is that I’m older and just remembering my youth.  The other part is that the ’80s seemed more exciting and ‘pure.’  In the ’80s MTV had made its debut, the bands played actual music instead of being corporate and thus profit driven ventures, guys drove around in T-Birds and Grand AMs blasting Def Leppard looking cool!  It was a time when being awesome was in instead of this PC, metro-sexual, safe space, participation trophy of today.