Journal Entry 9.7.2018

It has been a difficult week.

I started to catch a cold on Wednesday of last week and it has persisted until about today.  I still feel a little weak but that might be to not working out in a while.   In addition, for the first time in my life I got athletes foot.  I’ve never had that before so was unsure of what it actually was until I did research.  Well now I know and have it almost resolved.  And the final problem was a flare up of gout in my right foot.  I exercise and am very healthy but I do like to binge on pizza and soda some nights of the week.  Well, now that I’m 41 my body lets me know when I overdo it and the gout acts as a check.

Journal Entry – 8.18.2018

It is 3:25 AM on Saturday August 18th, 2018.  I’m still jet-lagged but was able to sleep an hour later this morning so assume that is progress.

Life has changed again with the end of the Japan summer trip, school starting and almost back to our normal routine.  There is no Hoshuko today and we’re skipping karate as we still need to get completely unpacked and the jet-lag is terrible.  The jet-lag is always more difficult returning from Japan than going and takes much longer to adjust.

Journal Entry 7.22.2018

It is 8:36 AM on Sunday July 22nd, 2018.

Since my family is in Japan I no longer have to get up immediately upon awakening.  During our normal routine I like to have my own time and that means I have to get up early to enjoy the peace of the early morning before the schedule starts.  I go to bed early during the normal routine so getting up early isn’t much of a problem.  However, now that I’m by myself I’m staying up a little later and now find myself waking up around 6:30 AM.  However, I do not get up but lie there for another 30 – 45 minutes recalling my dreams, thinking of what I’ll do with the day and just letting ideas come into my head.

7.21.2018 – Journal Entry

it is 5:04 on Saturday July 21st, 2018.

I have changed.  This is the first summer where I have had absolutely no motivation nor desire to go out and do things while my family is in Japan.  I do have a new job and that keeps me very busy during the weekdays.  At night and on weekends however I prefer to just spend time in my gym, go to karate and watch Game of Thrones.