Journal Entry – 10.22.19

It is 4:57 AM on Tuesday October 22nd. When I wake up this early I take a moment to look up at the stars. Orion is prominent in the autumn night sky and I can clearly make out his belt as well as the surrounding stars. It is only in that patch of sky that […]

Journal Entry 10.13.2019

It is 5:48 AM on Sunday October 13th, 2019. The moon hangs high above the trees partly obscured by a few passing clouds. The temperature is a cool 49 degrees. This is perfect weather for October, Halloween and the start of the holiday season. This year I was slow in taking the time to contemplate […]

Journal Entry 10.11.19

It is noontime on Friday October 10th, 2019. The morning has been especially reminiscent of autumn with a crisp, cool breeze blowing through the trees and a clearness of the blue ocean which is often obscured by fog in the summer. The leaves do not change colors much here on the coast, and it is […]

Helping with Homework

I’ve started to help my son Kai a bit more with his homework. Today it was word problems as well as a spelling test I had to give and I just had a flashback to my own childhood and experience with homework. I suddenly remember that I hated homework and just realized I still hate […]

Journal Entry 9.25.19

It is 12:24 PM on Wednesday Sept 25th. I’ve been very busy for the past week but have a few moments during the lunch hour to get a post in. My mental state is not great. I don’t see how anyone’s mental state could be in a good place if you read the news in […]