Journal Entry – 3.20.19

It is 5:30 AM on Wednesday March 30th, 2019.  We’ve got more rain and have had so much rain this year that California is out of drought.  Here in California is often seems that everyday is sunny and 65 so when we do get some weather it is a nice change.  It seems this winter though it has been nothing but rain but I cannot complain.  I like sitting in my shed working and listening to a good storm.  It is comforting in a way except when we get the very high winds which causes the eucalyptus trees to violently sway back and forth and I wonder if one will actually fall down.

Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 was one of my favorite games when I was a kid.  I didn’t have a Nintendo because my best friend Ryan had a Sega and so that is the console I got.  But during the summer I would go over to my friend’s the Hanley’s and Billy and Kevin would let me play theirs for hours on end.  Super Mario Bros. 2 was the hottest game in our neighborhood but nobody could beat it until one day I did!

I was so proud of myself and nobody could believe it.  I didn’t even own a Nintendo!

Totoro – Countryside summer nights

I spend a few weeks at my in-laws every summer in Japan. They live in the countryside but not in quite as a remote place as in the movie Totoro.

Totoro summer night

This GIF captures my dream of a perfect summer night in Japan. I’m among my books studying Japanese, in a very remote countryside seeped in history that is mostly forgotten. The sliding doors are open and there is a gentle breeze blowing into the room as the insects provide a soft ambient music.

Journal Entry – 2.24.19 – Second Post

Immediately after finishing my previous post I put on my Oculus VR, opened up the meditation app and found myself sitting in a grass field.  My favorite meditation practice is Zen, where the goal is to have a clear mind like the sky and to just ‘be.’  Thoughts are like white clouds that arrive out of nowhere and you let them just pass on through neither fixating on them nor hindering them.