E-mail to Kate 7.16.2003

Hi Kate!Congratulations on your getting married!  I wish you the best of luck!Thanks also for inviting me but I think I will still be in Japan at thattime,,, although I would love to come to your wedding!  I am going to comeback for a visit on August 15 – Sept. 8th and then again at […]

E-mail to Kazuko 6.22.2003

Salut Kazuko! C’est Matthew!  Ça fait longtemps n’est pas.  Qu’est-ce que tu fasse ces jours-ci?  Est-ce que tu as obtenu son maîtrise ou est-ce que tu  étudies encore?  Moi, je suis toujours un etudiant au Waseda.  Je trouve le la langue japonais difficile!  Surtout le Kanji c’est impossible.  Mais je pense que je vais étudier un […]

E-mail to Kenny 5.3.2003

So you’re finally going to graduate huh!  Wow, it’s only been what, 7 years?Ha ha ..Man actually I’ve been missing Ohio State and doing all those schoolactivities.  It was a good time.  Congratulations wey.  So what degree didyou finally end up getting anyway?Regarding a job in Mexico, all I can say is good luck.  As […]