Website Update: 10.5.2003

10-5-03Opening page updated.  Japanese class has started at Waseda so I’m a bit busy.  Also, started design for job search online resume website.  It will be available soon on the “resume” link.  Also, found out that the ATI mobility4 video card isn’t friendly with Linux Os.  I had my video card changed by a computer […]

Website Update: 9.23.2003

9-23-03NEW VIDEO ADDED!!!!  Check out “Party Video” in the video section.  It’s not as cool as I had hoped, but I got tired of messing with 10 different programs, 5 different video formats and one slow laptop with not enough RAM.  I had all my video files saved in WMV format thanks to Microsoft not […]

Website Update: 9.20.2003

9-20-03Big Earthquake in Tokyo today!  Almost had to change my shorts.  But about the website, I haven’t done anything as you might have noticed.  The culprit is a game called GTA 3Vice City (Grand Theft Auto).  It is by far the best video game I’ve ever played.  When I try to do work on the […]

Website Update: 9.15.2003

9-15-03“About Me” section updated! Also checked my website statistics to see who and from where people were visiting.  I’m getting about 8 hits per day which isn’t bad since I’m having trouble getting listed in various search engines.  However, the guestbook has remained stagnant and is growing mold.  What is this bias people have against guest […]

Website update: 8-14-2003

8-14-03I haven’t been working on my website lately due to computer problems. It seems one must be more prudent when updating the BIOS on Dell notebook computers. It seems everytimethey come out with a new bios update they create more problems than they fixed. My problem was when I upgraded the bios to A22 it […]