Website Update: 6.7.2004

6-7-04I didn’t know that my “contact” link was broken!  I was checking my page the other day and testing some links when I stumbled upon it.  Sorry to anyone who tried to e-mail me.  In other news, I am in the top ten for my name on Google.  I could be higher but I haven’t […]

Website: 4.15.2004

4-15-04Ok, some of you need to seriously update your virus protection.  I’m getting hit with at least 5 virus e-mails a day.  They are the “netsky-d” virus and most recently “W32.Beagle.”  It is starting to get very annoying.  Download this fix from Nortons anti-virus please!, there is a very interesting phenomenon going on.  I […]

Website Update: 4.12.2004

4-12-04In the past few months I have completely redesigned the starting page.  It started out as a test to see if I could copy a professional webpage and it turned out to be a breeze.  No wonder the webpage design jobs are moving to India.  These people expect to be paid over $50,000 with benefits […]

Website Update: 10.17.2003

10-17-03I experienced 4 hours 46 minutes and 32 seconds of downtime yesterday!  This means you couldn’t see my website during this time.  I have no idea why we kept getting the message “domain not found.”  Very very very weird, and I suspect a conspiracy by the FBI, CIA and McDonalds.  The server is based at […]