Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and other things

The time is 4:58 on Sunday May 27th, 2018.  I had a few thoughts running through my mind and wanted to get them down. I am worried about Artificial Intelligence.  To say it outright like that might make one seem like a paranoid conspiracy theorist to the mainstream public.  What I’ve come to understand however […]

State of the Internet – 3rd post

It is 3:55 AM on Friday May 4th, 2018. It took some time to find a solution that would make me happy in using this new laptop.  It is small, there is very limited space and after hitting a number of roadblocks yesterday I stumbled into a wonderful solution. Although I was happy with the […]

State of the Internet – Third post

Well, what started out as simply desire to use my old Nokia RAZR to limit the influence of social media, tracking and all the invasive aspects of the internet has become one of privacy and reducing the influence of the internet in my life. As I mentioned previously, I wasn’t really enjoying the internet anymore.  […]