Jamaica Trip – Montego Bay

In early March we took a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  It was the annual “Best in Class” trip for the top performers of the company and I was number one in 2016 for my division so was invited to go.  I’d won two times in the past but the event was previously held in Cancún, Mexico.  At first, I was a little disappointed that the event was switched to Jamaica because I’ve spent time in Mexico, speak Spanish and know where to go/what to do.

Rose Hall Great House – Montego Bay Jamaica

Rose Hall Great House

As planned I took a tour of the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  This house is popular with tourists based on the legend of Annie Palmer the former proprietor who practiced voodoo, was a supposed witch and whose spirit is said to haunt the place.  There was a book written about her in 1929 by Herbert G. de Lisser but apparently this book is fiction and as skeptic Benjamin Radford states, if the book is fiction, then there was no Annie Palmer and therefore can be no ghost.

Little Apple – Chopstick Brothers – My favorite song of 2014

My FAVORITE song of 2014!!! TRULY EPIC!!! “Little Apple by the Chopstick Brothers. 本当に素敵この歌は。ビデオもおもしろい!!今年の一番 好きな歌になりました。 (>.<)/

Little Apple

I planted a seed
And finally it bore fruit
Today is a great day
To pluck the stars and give them to you
To pull down the moon and give it to you
And let the sun rise for you every day

(I would) turn into a candle and burn myself up
Just to cast light on you
Give everything of myself to you
As long as it made you happy
You make my every tomorrow
Become more meaningful
Although life is brief, my love for you is forever
Never to part, never to let go