Mother’s Day 2018 Part Two

It is now 2:36 PM and all the main activities are done.  I caught my first crab using my own net this morning.   I actually caught about three or four but it is best to throw the females back in order to be a responsible fisherman so that is what I did.  The first one I caught was a rock crab and Sadao-san said it was better for cooking the crab miso soup.

Mother’s Day 2018

It is 4:18 AM on Sunday, May 13th.  I woke up at 3:30 AM and couldn’t sleep anymore.  That is fine because I’m going crabbing with Sadao and need to be there at 5:00 AM.  This is the first time I’ve gone crabbing with my own crab net and I’ve learned that I need to be careful to not get the rope caught on the pillars that uphold the pier.  I’m hoping I catch at least one crab so I can make crab flavored miso soup today for our cookout.

New Year’s Day 2018

It is 8:52 AM on January 1st, 2018.  I would have preferred to write this in the early morning as usual but I was absolutely exhausted yesterday, went to bed early and slept until 6:15 AM which is very late for me.  I woke up and began all the usual chores and only now have some time in which to mildly ignore the children so I can get this New Year’s post in.

Morning of December 26th, 2017

The time is 6:31 AM on December 26th, 2017; the day after Christmas.

I always love the holiday season starting with Halloween back in October.  It is difficult to believe that the main event, Christmas, is now already over and 2017 just about one for the history books.  Today is one where you still feel the Christmas glow as the kids get to continue playing with their new toys, there is plenty of leftover Honeybaked Ham and work (at least for me) is extremely slow and I most likely (knock on wood) won’t have to do anything today. I never take off this time of year because why waste a vacation day when activity is pretty much dead?