Mount Fuji – Climbing from the bottom (Sengen Shrine)


My friends and I successfully climbed Mt. Fuji from the bottom (Sengen Shrine) on July 26th, 2017.  It was mentioned that we start from the bottom over a few bottles of wine and initially I was against it.  However, what won me over was when my friend Brandon told me that this was the historical route the pilgrims used to take before cars were invented and since I love history that was what I needed to hear.  99% of hikers start from the 5th station which is in the middle of the mountain and where the road ends.  There are a lot of shops, restaurants and tourist stuff at the 5th station but then you need to walk about half an hour to get to the actual trail.

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail Bike Ride

Half Moon Bay Golf Links

Yesterday I went on a mountain bike ride from the Miramar restaurant to the Half Moon Bay Golf Links.  The golf links signature hole is above and reminds one of Pebble Beach.  It was incredibly windy which made for some fantastic waves:  they had a beautiful curl with spray being blown off the tops back into the ocean.

Devil’s Slide Ride 2015

It is Monday morning so I’m backdating this post to Saturday which was a day worth posting about.  My neighbor and I participated in Parca’s Devil’s Slide Ride previously known as Giro di Pacifica.  We did the mountain bike course which was his first mountain biking ride in Pacifica after I finally convinced him to get a bike.  It was  a beautiful day.

Strava link to my ride:

After the ride we went to Devil’s Slide Tap Room for a few beers.  I had the Anderson Valley Boont Barl which was a fantastic beer.  I only wish I would have looked in my swag bag for the ride because there was a 10% off coupon for the brewery!  

Lake Tahoe Trip – 4th of July

Took a trip to Lake Tahoe over the holiday weekend.  We spent the 4th on a private beach in North Lake Tahoe and were treated to the military parachuting into the lake then being rescued by helicopter a half an hour later.  We set up a nice camp and had plenty of food, drinks and fun.  My biggest accomplishment was learning how to set up a “lean-to” tent.  I had never had enough practice and now I’m confident I won’t look like a n00b when we have our first beach picnic.