The Lonely Elderly

I’ve been thinking recently how lonely it must be for the elderly.  I’m not speaking about how often family comes to visit or how much time they spend in a rest home.  I’m speaking about their generation passing away and the life experience they shared passing away with them.

I remember my Grandfather watching the History Channel pretty much non-stop.  Nobody engaged him in conversation or asked him about his experience.  Most of his friends that had experienced the same were now deceased and so he sat there in his recliner simply remembering his own life as a young man in time of war.

The Decision to Have a Child

Today in the news I caught a headline about a certain celebrity couple that is ready to “start pumping out kids.”  

This got me thinking about how much thought people in general really give to have children and their reasons for doing so.  

Now, when we discuss this with others and think about it ourselves it is usually in a happy positive context.  As I’m of the age where many of my acquaintances have had children I am afforded a glimpse into their lives and a small share into the joys, hardships, trials and successes of bringing up kids.  

Catholic Grade School – 8th Grade Dances

You may wonder why it has entered my head to write a post on 8th grade dances.  Well, I can tell you that the main reason is that I discovered the “Monster Ballad” station on Pandora.  Further, my buddy and I had opened up a bottle of JW Green Label and I tell you, combined with the music,  the memories just came flooding back.

You see, I have an uncanny memory but to really tap into it involves music and a bit of the liquor.  Only then can I fully recall the exact emotions I had at that particular time.  Sure, I can remember without any enhancements but it is the emotions that really light up the eyes and take you back in time.


It has been a while since my last post.  You’ll have to excuse me as I’ve been quite busy but I hope to not disappoint you with this entry.

In honor of Halloween I’d like to write about Ghosts.  I’ll try not to bring anything “controversial” such as religion into this one but I can promise nothing.  What I can promise is an honest post about an issue that seems to be taboo.  Even though in our culture we go to church, pray to the divine, eat flesh and drink blood we seem to have trouble sharing stories about the supernatural, and those that do seem “weird.”

Interconnection – Muslims, Mexicans, California and Conquistadors

Recently, I have decided to call California home for the long term.  It has been difficult to let go of the possible return to life in Asia but using the techniques laid out in my post “Mind Control” I’ve been able to do so and am enjoying myself!  (I simply decided to become enthusiastic about it and so it was)

In order to to ease my mind in this mental transition, I have decided to turn inward and study the history of California.  At first, my aim was to discover local, historical places of interest for weekend jaunts.  But what I have quickly learned is that California has been a crossroads for all the major cultures I enjoy!  Further, in a way it connects my past with the present.