My View – Facebook and the Tell-All Generation

I am addicted to the New York Times “Most Popular” list of articles.  Yet again, there is an article I would like to comment on concerning social networks and how much information todays young people share.  The article “Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline”  warns these people that the things you post on Facebook…… Continue reading My View – Facebook and the Tell-All Generation

My View – Guest-Teaching Chinese, and Learning America

Just read an article in the New York times entitled “Guest-Teaching Chinese, and Learning America.”

The article piqued my interest in that I’m all for building bridges between cultures and this program is a wonderful way to help American students learn the language of a country that will be (and is already) very important on the world stage. The article on the overall was very good but there was one statement that I take great issue with.

Arizona Immigration Law – A Unique Perspective

Yet again another political issue is all over the media.  And as usual the debate is superficial filled with shallow “talking points,” which paint the issue as black and white and the color you choose being your political affiliation. I find the debate swirling around the details of the law a bit too much.  For…… Continue reading Arizona Immigration Law – A Unique Perspective

Current America, Israel Affair

The article “Democrats criticize Obama, highlight seriousness of U.S.-Israel flap” was amazing to me. At first, I was pretty surprised but as I thought about it more, I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with calming a very important voting block (The Jewish Population) which may be voting Democrat?

The Politics of Avatar Movie

I think those that have spent a lot of time overseas, spent time assimilating into other cultures, have learned a language and know their history will feel the exact same way as I do about this film. In short, the special effects are great while the storyline is horrendous.

Facebook Snobs

In the past two weeks there have been two articles about how people should post on Facebook. This is response from someone who is not a middle-aged grump and “get’s it.”

Issues of the Day – Gay Marriage

1. Proposition 8 – Gay Marriage There was an article in the Wall Street journal about a “black list” of businesses that gay people were protesting due to their support of Proposition 8. It seems like these are extremists and such extremism isn’t really supported by the community. The article told the story of a…… Continue reading Issues of the Day – Gay Marriage

Language Study

In America, people will always ask if “you are fluent.” This is a tough question for the language learner because there are various stages of fluency which differs depending on which country you are in.