Grammar Nazis

I’ve noticed a trend towards grammar snobbery on Facebook the past few years. To those with bad grammar I say, be glad! There is no authority of the English language, “rules” are made up as we go along. “In the introduction to the 2003 edition of The King’s English, Matthew Parris reminds us that, “There…… Continue reading Grammar Nazis

Babies and Zen

Well, perhaps the answer is just a bit selfish. I enjoy being around other people, sharing my experiences, learning about them and simply having external contact. For me, being around people is energizing, exciting and much better than simply being alone all the time.

Catholic Grade School – 8th Grade Dances

You may wonder why it has entered my head to write a post on 8th grade dances. Well, I can tell you that the main reason is that I discovered the “Monster Ballad” station on Pandora. Further, my buddy and I had opened up a bottle of JW Green Label and I tell you, combined with the music the memories just came flooding back.

Retarded Advertisement of the Week

This just baffles me. I wonder what they mean by “all the other things you have to do.”

If you know me, you understand I have spent a lot of time abroad and stuff like this really sticks out and I cannot help but read it as a reflection of the culture.

I have never really gotten over the culture shock and from trashy TV to continuous solicitations to buy something it seems I’m in a continuous state of bewilderment.

Where White Man Went Wrong

This is just for fun.  Another internet meme making the rounds.  Thought it would be worth a post.  *Original Source UnknownBut please read below the entry for some good Native American reading.Where White Man Went Wrong Indian Chief ‘Two Eagles’ was asked by a white U.S. government official, “you have observed the white man for 90…… Continue reading Where White Man Went Wrong

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Self Identity – Who are you?

Self Identity – Who are you? “Who am I?” If we take a moment and ask ourselves this simple question I wonder how people might answer.  Perhaps the easiest reply would be ethnicity, nationality, religion and perhaps even career. Yet, these simple boundaries are increasingly coming blurred as races mix, people immigrate, knowledge obtained and…… Continue reading Self Identity – Who are you?