The Internet in 2018 – My Thoughts

Privacy and the amount of information companies such as Facebook and Google have on their users has been brought to the forefront with the Cambridge Analytica debacle.  This has been a catalyst for me to reevaluate how I use the internet and where I want to go from here.

Journal Entry – Easter Sunday 2018

It is Easter Sunday 2018 @ 5:23 PM.

Yesterday I did the kids and adults karate classes and made it through just fine.  Hyphen (sp?) gave me a nice back kick to the gut and although it didn’t knock the wind out of me like Yoshi’s a few weeks ago it did knock me back.  I made it through the classes just fine even though I had taken a couple of weeks off.

Journal Entry – 9.20.2016

It is 4:09 AM.  We ate pizza late last night which resulted in some very weird dreams for me.  So weird I don’t feel like writing them down in the dream journal but perhaps will write a line or two here.  I was in church and Duff McKagan of Guns ‘n Roses and his blonde girlfriend were sitting next to me.  I was nervous but able to ask him a few questions about the band.  Famous people are a bit touchy and difficult to deal with so I was nervous but he did answer a few.  Anyway, I prefer to let the memories of this dream just slip away never to be recalled again.

Journal Entry – 9.1.2016 – Current Society, Ancient Rome and Business Speak

It is 5:56 AM.  I haven’t been to the gym in the while as my body is just tired:  it is tired from karate, from endless appointments, from visitors and from stress at work and tired from two young children of mine.  Instead of waking up at 4:00 AM as I usually do I just want to sleep in.  Then I wake up and my body is still tired and I do not have any energy.  Hopefully with a little bit of rest this trend will change.

Little Apple – Chopstick Brothers – My favorite song of 2014

My FAVORITE song of 2014!!! TRULY EPIC!!! “Little Apple by the Chopstick Brothers. 本当に素敵この歌は。ビデオもおもしろい!!今年の一番 好きな歌になりました。 (>.<)/

Little Apple

I planted a seed
And finally it bore fruit
Today is a great day
To pluck the stars and give them to you
To pull down the moon and give it to you
And let the sun rise for you every day

(I would) turn into a candle and burn myself up
Just to cast light on you
Give everything of myself to you
As long as it made you happy
You make my every tomorrow
Become more meaningful
Although life is brief, my love for you is forever
Never to part, never to let go