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Monday Night Football at Hooters

It is 3:42 AM and I didn’t get a good nights sleep due to the food and cola I drank at Hooters last night. The time has come for my friend Sadao to leave the USA. He has been in Pacifica for 27 years but due to family matters must now go live in Japan. […]

Bay Area Karate

SF Giants – Japanese Heritage Night

On May 24th 2019 World Oyama karate SF was invited to put on a demonstration for Japanese Heritage night at the pre-party and on the field at Oracle Park before the San Francisco Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. It was only black belts on the field but we lower belts got to participate in […]

Bay Area Random

A Trip to the Circus

A few weeks ago my wife showed me a few free children’s tickets to the Garden Bros Circus she had gotten somewhere during her usual routines. My kids had never been to the circus and I think I’ve been only once in my life although the only memories I have are just flickers and could […]

Bay Area California Random

San Francisco Giants Baseball game

We went to my youngest child’s first San Francisco Giants game on Tuesday, May 15th and vs. The Cincinnati Reds.  The Giants won 5-3 and it really was a night to remember! I am not much of a sports fan but am able to get tickets since the Giants are my customer.  The thought about […]

Bay Area Journal Restaurants

Journal Entry – 11.20.2016

It is 5:29 AM.  My body is tired and sore from the double karate session yesterday but I like the feeling as it reminds me that I got a good workout in. Today the dojo is meeting at the historic Roxie Theater to watch a movie – Take a Chance – made by the Grand […]