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E-mail to Giang 3.6.2004

Hello Giang,   I don’t have Uyen’s e-mail!  Could you please send it to me?    Life in Japan is very interesting.  I have been here 3 years and learned so much.  The Japanese way of thinking is very difficult to understand and I’ve made many mistakes in 3 years.  I finally feel that I […]

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E-mail to Mom 3.3.2004

Hello Mom!   I received the jacket yesterday and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much!  It is extremely nice.  Now let me get to all those questions.   I would like to work there simply because I feel happy there.  I could do anything there and still be happy.  The reason is a feeling […]

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E-mail to Mai 3.3.2004

  Hello Mai!   It’s been a long time and I’m glad we’ve remained friends.  I also write you first about Vietnam since it is with you that I wish to share my amazing discovery.    I wish to live in Vietnam because the people are warm and beautiful.  A smile will always be met […]