Memorial Post – Robert (Bobby) George Kelley

This is a memorial post for my Mom’s friend Bobby Kelley from Bellaire, Ohio who died in Vietnam on July 22, 1970.

I write this post after a long discussion with my mother about graveyards and how everyone had life experiences, loved and were loved, but how everyone will be forgotten after just a few generations.  Nobody wants to be forgotten, including me.  So I keep this journal and at times do memorial posts for my friends and family.  This is the first time I’m doing one for someone I never met.

From the discussion with my Mom, I learned that Bobby’s body came back bullet riddled, yet the army stated the cause of death as from an explosive device such as a landmine or grenade.  It certainly didn’t look like he had wounds due to an explosive device at all, but had plenty of bullet holes. There was no further information from the Army and so family and friends concluded the Army was being untruthful as the stated cause of death showed no evidence on the actual body.

As we have seen over the past few decades the Army and politicians lie – A LOT!  They have never been honest about friendly fire statistics and this continues to this day.  And so after the discussion with my mom I thought that her friend Bobby would probably want the world to know that he did not die from a hostile explosion, but rather from friendly fire.  This is the conclusion as the body showed no damage from an explosion, the Army gave no further information and the Army is also highly untruthful in regards to the high amount of friendly fire deaths.

And so, I write this memorial post for him so he can have his place on the internet where the world can see that his family and friends did not buy the official account and I hope it will give him peace wherever he may be.

National Archives Record: 

Veteran’s Memorial Wall:



Steven Michael Srodkowski (Sarcopski / Rhodes)

Steven Michael Srodkowski (Sarcopski / Rhodes)

Steven you are not forgotten

angel carrying steven

This is a memorial post for my Uncle Steven who I never had the chance to meet.  He was born on November 29th, 1950 and died on December 23rd, 1950 due to broncho pneumonia.  He was only 24 days old.

I want to ensure he is never forgotten and an internet post will ensure this.  His death was something that was never discussed in the family and I only recently learned that my mom had a twin – Steven.  He has been on my mind and I recently was able to confirm his burial site.  Visiting it gave me a peaceful feeling and I hope that I’m able to meet him in whatever comes after I die.

Cemetery Information:

Mount Calvary Cemetery
1685 National Road, Wheeling, WV 26003
Tel: 304-242-0460
Grave coordinates: 40°03’39.2″N 80°40’04.3″W


Feliks (Felix) Sarcopski

This is a memorial post for my Great-Grandfather Feliks (Felix) Sarcopski

Birth 1891 in Grochowalsk, Poland

Grochowalsk, Poland

Departed Hamburg, Germany on August 12th, 1905
Arrived in New York, New York on August 24th, 1905

Occupation: Coal Miner
Wife: Salumeja Srodkowska – 1889 – 1936

Died on February 24th, 1949
Grave Location:

I wonder what it must have been like to leave a small village for an unknown land far away knowing that he most likely would never return to Grochowalsk; knowing that he would never see his relatives, friends, almost everyone he knew ever again must have been very sorrowful.

Looking at the pictures of Grochowalsk on Google Maps it is a very small village; I cannot imagine what it looked like back in 1891 or if there was anything at all?

There was a picture of a beautiful church I’d like to set foot in one day.  It wouldn’t have been there either back in 1891 but it from the picture has a beautiful ancient charm.



I had Google translate the first paragraph on this website and reading it got me very excited.

The first mention about Grochowalska from 1244. “Grochovarsko property was then divided between the three knights who distinguished themselves in battles with the pagan tribe Jacwiegow.  From space they adopted the name and in the fourteenth century.  There are already as owner’s Grochowalscy.”  Since the nineteenth century, Grochowalska owners many times are changing.  The last owner of the property was Anna Goscicka.

Knights, foreign lands, history, religion and my great-grandfathers homeland as well??  Pinch me, I must be having a wonderful dream!

Even if it is just a small, half-forgotten village I would be very excited to visit.  The main reason would be to further discover the history of my Great-Grandfather Feliks and perhaps even bump into a few relatives.  If I’m not mistaken the Polish know how to drink and so bonding with the relatives no matter how distant shouldn’t be too difficult.

I wonder if my Great-Grandfather really was from this town or if it is just something he listed on the passenger list.  Perhaps he was born elsewhere and his last residence was this town?  Or perhaps he lied on the form?  I’d like to find out.




Robert Curtin – Christmas Eve – World War Two letter

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Curtin
1946 Concord Rd.
Columbus, OH

Dear Mom and Dad,

Here it is Christmas Eve and I could think of a few places I’d rather be tonight than where I am but there will be wars eh!

The other day I received a whole bunch of letters and I really was glad to get them.  I received all those clippings you sent me.  I guess the boys really showed the rest of the country what a good team we had huh!

You were telling me that Jerry is going to Radar school.  I think I know the kind of a job he’ll have.  No doubt its the use that Radar gives in detecting submarines and airplanes.  Jim Gutman (one of the fellows I graduated from high school with) took the same training.  I sure hope he likes it.  There will probably be a big field in that after the war.

Well from what the cook tells me we’re going to have a big turkey dinner tomorrow with the trimmings.  I hope they have plenty because I have a feeling that I’ll be pretty hungry tomorrow.

Gosh.  Mom, I sure hope your ankle is better by now.  You’d better watch that standing on chairs unless someone holds it for you.

Well what do you think of the present German offensive.  I think old Rundstedt hit us with everything.  he had but I sure hope the people back in the states wake up and see that we haven’t won this war yet.  Old Jerry (the hun) has a lot of fight in him yet.  I think it will be a while yet before civilian production can start.  No fooling you’d be surprised if you could know how such and disgusted some of the guys get when they hear all the stories about the people in the states saying the war is almost won.  They’re not up there slugging it out with Jerry especially now that he’s cornered.  I still don’t think this whole thing will be over before the middle or fall of ’47.

Mom, I’m really taking your advice.  I go to Mass and Communion very often and I know that if it’s God’s will that I come back safe and sound I’ll be right there with the rest of the boys, but on the other hand just in case Jerry gets lucky why don’t forget to include in your prayers that I’ll always be prepared to meet God the way you and dad want me to. – Don’t let this talk worry you though.  You have to take into account everything, that’s what they say a good soldier does and I want to be a good soldier for God as well as for my country so just add that little extra prayer too.

Marie told me about Gene being in Belgium.  I sure hope he wasn’t in the path of this latest German drive but if he was you can bet your boots he gave the Germans all the h___! it was possible to give them.

Well Mom + Dad I’ll close again for now I’ll write again soon.

Your loving son,


P.S. The doctor of the hospital said that “fissure.”  I had in that most embarrassing place was beginning to heal up and that it looks as though he might not have to cut it out.  I have to go back next Wednesday for the final decision.

bye again for now



Robert Curtin – Mother’s Day – World War Two letter

Thursday evening
May 11, 1944

Dear Mom,

I’m writing this letter just for you Mom.  You know, as I sit here I keep trying to think of the words to tell you how grateful I am to God for giving me the most wonderful mother in the world and no matter how much I think of it I know I could never hope to put in words, the love in my heart for my Mom.  It’s a feeling that will be with me whenever I am, Mom, and as long as I live.  I only hope that whatever I do I can say that you’re proud of me and if that’s the case then I don’t care what anyone else says.  Honestly, Mom, you can’t imagine how much your encouragement helped me out this past month.  No matter how long I live Mom I’ll take the advice from you as the best authority in the world.  I ask God every night to look after my Mom and next Sunday I’ll be right at Mass receiving communion just for you.

Well, Mom, I think I’m beginning to learn a little something about the infantry although I’ll still take the artillery.  I found out one thing, though and that is that these doughboys (infantry men) are the ones who really win wars and battles. The artillery, Au Corps, tanks and everything else are only there so that they can help out when the doughboys move forward.

I received Aunt Frances’s gift today.  She sent me some socks and they really will come in handy.  I tried to get some tonight + they didn’t have any to fit me.  I’m on the lookout for some undershirts now and I’ll probably be able to pick some up at ?????master if + when I get a chance to get there.

Well Mom it’s getting sort of late now so I’d better be getting a little sleep.  I’ll be writing again soon and don’t forget to take good care of yourself.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

Your devout + loving son always.