I discovered this book in a list with the title of “Forty books all men should read by their 40s” or something like that. I thought it would be about Guatama Buddha along with some modern insights into his teachings but quickly discovered it was a novel by a melancholy German-Swiss divorcee! I also learned…… Continue reading Siddhartha

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Journal Entry – 1.4.21

It is 3:01 AM on Monday, January 4th 2021. This is the day that many people dread as this is the first work day after the holidays have officially ended. It is a bit different this time due to 2020 being such a terrible year; I think many are glad to have it gone even…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 1.4.21

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Vietnam quote

I’ve been watching a lot of Vietnam war movies lately. Our current American culture has reverted to glorifying war and it makes no sense. Iraq was invaded by the USA on a lie. The memory of the USA is short and has forgotten Vietnam, or as the Vietnamese call it, the American war. Americans invaded…… Continue reading Vietnam quote

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Christmas Morning

It is 6:36 AM on Christmas morning. I’m sitting on our floor chairs with Kai in front of the Christmas tree, presents and fire. I’ve got my tea and he is playing Roblox on his iPad. The lights are on in the fish tank and the turtles are swimming back and forth wondering where their…… Continue reading Christmas Morning