Journal Entry – 10.21.2017

It is now 1:13 PM on Saturday, October 21st.  I’m back from karate and feeling very good after a much needed workout.  As always I feel a little anxious before class due to how hard it can be but it always works out fine.  日本語で久しぶりから日本語で書きます。今日は三盆ずきでこさ後ろ蹴り膝蹴りの練習をしました。フィトは三回した。僕のスタミナはまだまだよくないです。

On the way home I heard Tu Pacs “California Love” and it reminded me of how cool I thought California was growing up in the midwest.  California was the most awesome state:  it was where surfers, rap and all the cool stuff came from.  You were cool simply by being from California.  I got to visit once when the Buckeyes were in the Rose Bowl back in 1996.  I even made a post about it when I was there which is here.  It almost seemed like a foreign country:  there were so many latinos, I heard so much Spanish, and everything was different.

Journal Entry – 10.17.2017

It is 8:10 PM on Tuesday October 17th, 2017.

As Halloween approaches we’ve been watching more Halloween themed kids movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Tonight we watched something from Goosebumps dealing with ghosts and there were scenes of teenagers dancing around.  It got me thinking about how much emphasis society puts on being able to dance, sing and basically entertain.  Everything is now reality TV, the shows are about dancing and singing, everything is entertainment.  It makes me wonder if this is a sign of decline in American society.  There is always some show to be put on, some image to create on social media, nothing seems genuine anymore.

Journal Entry – 10.12.2017

It is 6:11 PM on Thursday October 12th, 2017.  Everyone is inside watching the Adams Family and so I thought I’d sneak out for a post in my clubhouse.

The first thing on my mind is the sun which is a deep orange color due to all the smoke from the fires up north.  It isn’t even close to the horizon but has taken on the color of a sunset.  I’m too lazy to go take a picture of it at the moment, perhaps tomorrow when the air quality is predicted to still be terrible.

Journal Entry – 10.12.2017

It is 6:47 AM on Thursday October 12, 2017. The air outside is terrible from the fires up in the North Bay.  Checking the air quality it is “unhealthful” and the entire Bay Area under the ‘red’ marker for quality.

It smells like a campfire and I find myself holding my breath when I step outside.  I wish they would cancel school like they’ve done in other locations although I know the principle is keeping students inside.

Work is pretty busy right now with two upcoming RFPs as well as one renewal that they seem to be dragging their feet on.  All of this shouldn’t cause too much stress but it does anyway.