Jim Carrey quote

Got this from The Elephant Journal and thought it was worth keeping.
Link: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2017/11/jim-carrey-explains-depression-in-the-best-way-ive-ever-heard/

Jim Carrey shares the startling realization he came to after years of fame: it’s totally pointless to spend our whole lives creating and curating some specific identity for ourselves.

This is all ego: desiring to be important, to be someone, to matter. In reality, this grasping at a singular identity brings us only pain and suffering, for three main reasons. One, it introduces a separation between us and all other beings that dishonors our inherent, interconnected nature. Two, it deludes us into thinking that things are not supposed to change—that we are not supposed to change. Three, it leads us away from resting in our own basic goodness, as it makes us feel that we aren’t enough just as we are, right now.


いのちの記憶 (Inochi no Kioku)

Lyrics, music and performed by Kazumi Nikaido.

Japanese Romaji English
「いのちの記憶」 (唄:二階堂和美) “Inochi no Kioku” (Uta: Nikaido Kazumi) “Memory of Life” (performed by Kazumi Nikaido)

Elementary School Programming in 1985!

Watching Stranger Things on Netflix makes me think about my childhood.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so popular:  it is set in the ’80s and so for the 37-45 crowd we’re reminded of our own childhoods with the bikes, riding out in the woods, and those fantastic walkie-talkies to keep in communication.

But it was the scene where Bob mentioned Basic to override the lockdown system which resurrected a very old memory of mine I had forgotten about.

Journal Entry – 12.3.2017

It is 4:17 AM on Sunday December 3rd, 2017.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  After writing my previous post I was getting ready for karate class when I received a call from my neighbor Steve!  It turns out my fears were unfounded about the fence because I got to talk to him (as opposed to the wife) and as I had thought the discussions went beautifully.  Maybe I’m getting old and cranky but often times it is just better to talk to the man when something needs to be solved.  It is not politically correct to say but women often bring in drama, emotion and a whole host of other unneeded variables.  Guys can just talk and get it done especially when it comes to home repair, cars and generally other ‘manly’ pursuits, political correctness be damned.