Journal Entry – 1.4.21

It is 3:01 AM on Monday, January 4th 2021. This is the day that many people dread as this is the first work day after the holidays have officially ended. It is a bit different this time due to 2020 being such a terrible year; I think many are glad to have it gone even if we’re all still working through the terrible things it brought us. Furthermore, here in California we’re all pretty much still in lock-down so there aren’t too many people who need to return to the office. I’ve worked from home for over 10 years so am far removed from the office experience but am wondering if 2021 isn’t the first year ever where people would actually welcome going back to the office?

Fortunately or unfortunately for them we’re still in the pandemic and so most will not be returning to an office even if they wanted. Aside from COVID we also still have a President who is desperately trying to subvert democracy and the system of power the United States is built on. I lost respect for Trumpers long ago and every time it seems things have gone too far they lower the bar even further. I think there is some real concern Trump could try to use the military to remain in power and thus a joint statement was released today by all ten former secretaries of defense. It is surreal to also see elected Republican leaders join Trump in trying to overturn the election results. Let me be clear here: what a bunch of losers.

Children of Trumpers hear this!

1. If you lose a sporting match be sure to cry about it, say it was rigged and fight with lawyers, with threats, with anything you can to say only the points you scored mattered and that your opponents points shouldn’t count.

2. If you get bad grades just tell your parents it is all the fault of lame stream academia. You don’t even need to attend science class because science for Republicans isn’t a real thing anyway.

3. You can cheat, lie, steal, sleep with prostitutes, whatever you like. Normally these things would get you into trouble but just run for public office, all will be forgiven and you’ll become a hero. How about that!

So yes, 2020 remains with us even if the year has changed. I’m always sad to see the holidays go especially after enjoying them for over three months beginning with Halloween and especially having about two weeks of minimal work at the end around Christmas and New Years. I often have an image of those two weeks as being one of naps, watching VR and playing games. However, that image in my mind was just a fantasy as I found myself extremely busy with projects, activities and playing with my boys. There was always one more thing that needed done. But now I’m happy to say that 2021 is starting off with all of those projects completed.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Cut the new Eucalyptus growth – I put this first as it has been on my mind for months. We have a beautiful view of the ocean but these invasive trees grow like weeds and always sprout again. This isn’t a problem if they were just on my property but they are also on my neighbors. I hate having to ask to cut them as another neighbor cut a few big trees without their permission (they have a small forest) and that really left a bad taste in their mouth. But if I don’t I’ll lose my view. Luckily they are great people and I really like them. I finally got the nerve to send a message then meet to discuss and it was all OK. Now I can put that worry to bed for at least a few months until they sprout again.
  2. Backups – It was time to backup my data as well as ensure my wife’s pictures/videos were all backed up. I learned long ago to keep all my files in one folder on a dedicated data drive and simply use FreeFileSync to synchronize my backups with this folder. For my wife I switched her to Mac long ago and still use the now discontinued Time Capsule. I just need to ensure that is still working as double check it is backing up the Photos app as it is has gotten so large it is on an external drive that would need to be plugged in. I also backup those photos on a separate drive as well as use Google photos. I’m extra paranoid about the Photos app on Apple due to two bad experiences in the past. Once the “database” was corrupted and took a while to fix. Also, when Apple did a major update from iPhotos to just Photos that also caused a lot of problems which I think were due to its large size. So in addition to having backups of the app I wanted them all completely out of the app as well and that is where Google Photos came in.
  3. Garden – The garden never stops growing and was due for a trim in both front and back.
  4. Exercise/karate – This was almost daily and takes up a few hours. It is especially important to get this in since we’re all just sitting at home not moving much.
  5. Beach – We discovered a new love for the beach. We live in a beach town but never really used it much. Well that has changed with the purchase of wet suits, boogie boards and a metal detector. For metal detecting we simply need dress warmly and go there, but for getting in the water that takes preparation. Not only does preparing all your gear to get in the water take time but also cleaning up afterwards. You need to rinse off the salt water and sand from everything.

Those combined with thousands of other things really ate up all the time and looking back only yesterday did I really sit on the couch and take some time to just relax.

So here I am, at 3:45 on Monday, January 4th. I’ve woken up too early and better get back to bed so I’m not tired for the first day of work. The first workday of the year is tricky for me because I do need to start reaching out but at the same time nobody really wants to be getting back to work. I need my customers to actually want to engage with me so I usually give it a day or two before starting the heavy engagement.

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