Two Days after the Election

I wanted to get another post in for historical purposes as today certainly is momentous. I went to bed on November 3rd very depressed as it looked like Trump had a lock. However, this isn’t a normal election and due to the massive numbers of mail in votes, it now looks like Biden will win!

The USA has never had mail in votes outweigh those that vote at the polls. Trump told his supporters to vote at the polls (as they don’t understand what a pandemic is) while Democrats primarily voted by mail. Well, true to form those that went to the polls in swing states voted mostly Republican and those results are processed faster than mail in votes. It was a Red Mirage because when the mail in votes start to be opened the trend was reversed.

But you can read all about this in the history books.

To the nation, this is a very tense time. However, I’m here in my shed as usual enjoying another lovely day here in Pacifica. There could be a lot of violence once the winner is announced (most likely Biden) and so it is best to avoid cities and areas that heavily support Trump.

Trump and his supporters certainly are acting like they’ve shat the bed and now are running around wildly slinging their filth everywhere. Trump wants to stop counting votes as he is losing and some of his more deranged supporters are showing up demanding access to ballot counting facilities. Not only that but Trump prematurely claimed victory! He also claimed the electoral college votes he didn’t have yet. Newsflash, you cannot just “claim” electoral college votes.

Again, you’ll be able to read all of this in the history books.

For me, I’m headed out to have dinner with a customer here in Pacifica. It is nice here in Pacifica and the threat of a disturbance is very low. I wonder if the announcements will be made tonight and if all the hayseeds in middle America will just explode?

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