Election Day 2020

Today is November 3rd, which is election day here in the USA. I wanted to get a post in to mark this momentous day.

Today decides if the USA will continue down a very dark path under President Trump or if the USA will recover. For any thinking person one simply need read some of the President’s tweets or just take a few quotes on any given week to know that this administration is bereft of all sanity and has caused great damage to the USA. What is inexplicable is how Trump managed to convince so many Americans that he is fit to lead the country. Much of the electorate certainly are “Unpolitical Animals.”

The poison Trump and his supporters have put on the nation is palpable. You can almost feel the tension in the air today. My own mood has been severely affected by this as it is almost impossible to ignore the politics. Open the news and Trump has done or said some outrageous thing or another. It is as though an evil spell has been put over the nation with his supporters never ceasing to cheer his evermore outrageous statements and acts. Trump is a bad person. I’ll never understand how otherwise good and decent people could vote for him.

My only thought is America is well overdue for a demagogue. Americans have never been spoken to like this on the political stage before and some quite like it. He has money (maybe, he doesn’t release taxes) he has a wife bought and paid for and uses insults for anyone who disagrees with him.

I could go on all day about the damage Trump has caused but for that just look up any article or read his Twitter feed and you can see for yourself.

As I mentioned my own mood has been very dark unless I can push politics out of my mind. I have to actively try to ignore it and only then can I feel some real joy. The main issue for me is the hate and divisiveness he has caused. He has emboldened hate groups and that is a clear and real threat to me and my family. I mentioned this to a (now former) friend and he ended up telling me to “quit pretending it was a threat.” It was through his comments I see that most supporters consider themselves very good people, however they vote for a monster. If this was 1930’s Germany, they would be those that do not hate the Jews at all yet still throw their support behind Hitler. That Treaty of Versailles was so unfair to Germany and Hitler is going to clean it up! It is very sad to me to see so many people I formerly considered reasonable people go down such a terrible path.

It should all be apparent in the history books how bad Trump was for the country. But this assumes Trump will lose and history books have the truth written in them. There is no guarantee of this. Trump has shown himself to be the enemy of the truth and his supporters eagerly support this obvious suppression. I’m banking on a Biden win and truth prevailing.

However, so much damage has been done a Biden win isn’t going to just solve everything. The USA is now on a path from which one election may not do much to change. The divisions run deep and I imagine this divide will only widen. Again, this is all the fault of the Republicans and the hate they have spewed over the past 15 years through talk radio and Fox news.

The time is now 10:21 AM and so far there hasn’t been any major catastrophe. There still is a lot of time however and I would be surprised if there wasn’t something substantial that happens.

I did want to mention the pandemic. The cases are spiking making the USA the world’s hot spot and what do Trump and his supporters do? They hold rallies, refuse to wear masks and talk about firing the nations top infectious disease expert. These are morons and I become even more bewildered wondering how such a large amount of people could be so stupid.

As for the environment here, it is a nice 60 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Not unusual for Pacifica. I’ve only heard one vehicle honking its horn and if this wasn’t Pacifica I would imagine it to be a Trump supporter in their truck hoping to intimidate voters.

Well, that is enough for now; I’ll perhaps write more as the day goes on.

It is the afternoon and I’ve had a very hard time concentrating today. This is such an important day that I wanted to take a stand and posted on Facebook. I am against Trump and was full willing to attack the Trump supporters should they comment. They are always such a nasty bunch, so full of hate and spite. I always felt it important to keep politics off my FB page as the purpose is to keep friends. But Trump has been such a nightmare that I’m now willing to lose any friend that supports him.

To my descendants who may read this, I cannot express how strange these times are. The world seems OK, your countrymen seem like reasonable people then all of a sudden everything is upended. It just takes one demagogue with a big enough platform to rile the masses when they were otherwise content. Through constant repetition of certain opinions they have been programmed and it is quite scary. The formula was just to turn news into entertainment and that entertainment into propaganda. Previously those that rarely paid attention to politics are now angry all the time over it. They turn on the TV to be fed political poison which they cannot wean themselves from. Let’s just take one example and the absurdity is clear.

We’re in a pandemic, the COVID cases are higher than anywhere else in the world and over 200,000 have already died. Trump supporters don’t want to wear masks, have rallies and then want to fire the nation’s top infectious disease expert. What is this madness you say? I could not tell you.

So yes, I’m having a hard time concentrating. I could contact some customers but don’t think that is such a good idea given the anxiety we’re all feeling today.

If Trump wins I fear for our entire democracy. Trump has been a nightmare these first four years and I’m sure he will be completely unrestrained the next four if he wins. He’s got the Justice Department under his thumb and all of the Republican Senators and Congressmen bow down to him. How could they not? America has been battered the past four years and it will be unrecognizable if Trump remains president for the next four.

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