Journal Entry – 7.14.2019

It is 7:31 AM on Sunday July 14th. This morning it is extremely foggy as I cannot see the neighbors house down the hill.

I’ve been a bachelor for about a month now while the family is in Japan. I’m now a pro at being all by myself for the summer as I’ve done this for about 8 years now. In the past I was excited to have some alone time but then became a bit lonely. I found that the secret is to make a list of things that need to get accomplished to keep me busy. For reference I’ve pasted this list at the bottom of this post.

For travel I went to Ohio and The Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. In preparation for Santa Cruz I watched The Lost Boys and US, both films that were filmed at the Boardwalk. I had hoped there might be some sort of tour but learned that there really isn’t much to see. Some great parts of the movie were not filmed at the Boardwalk and I wasn’t interested in adding four hours trying to find them all.

Today, I’m hoping to check off another ‘to-do’ item which is to get some 360 pictures up on Mount Montara but that depends if this fog will dissipate or not. Due to a lack of time I have not ridden my bike up the mountain for a few years now. In fact, I haven’t been riding my bike at all. I wonder how my stamina will be trying to make it up that mountain but again, it all depends on the weather.

So until then I think I’ll just spend a quiet morning at home completing another item which is to read The Tale of Genji again. I read this back in 2003 when I was in Japan but do not remember much. I learned a few years ago just how fragile memory can be and that I do not remember the details of many books I’ve read. So I began highlighting my favorite parts and creating a post on this blog that I could easily reference to aid me in my memory of the book. I do have a long way to go so better get started.


Summer Projects:
International driver’s licenseAcura – Cargo rackCoin CollectionPaint shed doorPaint window ledge 2nd floorCaulk the window – Paint the window ledgeGoogle Maps – Let’s Go.  Trace my journey360 photos – Montará mountain.  SF etcGet a physicalNew Screen doorFix bathroom faucetRedo childhood recordingName and date Kai Ren sound files

Books:Read Hobbit / Lord of the Rings / Tale of Genji / Don QuixoteLinux for Dummies
Visit:Visit Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Lost Boys Your)Visit Kabuki Springs and Spa
Movies:Pump up the VolumeSay AnythingPorkysTrain to BusanKen Burns Vietnam documentaryDr. StrangeloveThe irony of fate. Enjoy your bathThe Lost BoysUs. (Beach Boardwalk)ItThey shall not grow oldCobra KaiRobotechGame of ThronesMomentum – surfing Pink Floyd the wall

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