Totoro – Countryside summer nights

I spend a few weeks at my in-laws every summer in Japan. They live in the countryside but not in quite as a remote place as in the movie Totoro.

Totoro summer night

This GIF captures my dream of a perfect summer night in Japan. I’m among my books studying Japanese, in a very remote countryside seeped in history that is mostly forgotten. The sliding doors are open and there is a gentle breeze blowing into the room as the insects provide a soft ambient music.

Of course it isn’t like this. It is hot, humid and the mosquitoes are everywhere. You’ll find me sitting on the couch with the air conditioner on full blast as I drink one of many Sapporo or Asahi beers slowly getting drunk as I waste time on my laptop or phone while the TV continues its full on assault of with a barrage of dialogue making everything from the weather to the selling of skin care products seem extremely urgent.

But one of these days perhaps… until then I will hold on to my dream.

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