Journal Entry – 2.11.2019

It is 2:11 PM on 2.11.19.  The morning was hectic with three calls in a row but things have slowed a bit so I thought I’d try to get a journal entry in.

These past two weeks have been tough with back to back colds mostly brought on by stress.  Last week my boss’s boss came in for a ride along.  He is very cool and I enjoyed the dinner and meeting the next day but even so, ride alongs with the boss are a bit stressful due to all the preparation and hoping the meetings go well.  My second meeting actually cancelled on the day of the meeting and so my anxiety shot sky high.  The meeting I did have went extremely well so that was good news.

I hate being sick and I think I’m finally over the worst of it.  My body aches and I have to blow my nose every three seconds.  But the worst of it is my mindset:  I’m lethargic, nothing excites me and I’m just all around blah.  I can’t exercise so I don’t get that rush of endorphins and I feel like a slug.

In other news I don’t think I ever wrote about our ski trip at Lake Tahoe and wanted to get this story down.  We went to Diamond Peaks and for the first time ever 70% of the customers were Chinese!  It was amazing!  Now, I like an international crowd but it seems the Chinese have pushed the ‘ugly American’ aside when visiting foreign countries because with their newfound wealth they’re not accustomed to basic manners.  At the ski-lodge they took up all the spaces and just camped out there which meant there were no spots for most people to eat their lunch.  When the ski-lodge is crowded you should eat and then get back to skiing, not just sit there for four or five hours.

We had a big group and I was determined to find a place to sit so I just stood by the tables with my son for 30 minutes.  Eventually one person took pity on us and let us have a few seats.  That was nice.  But I needed more and the people at the adjoining tables had finished lunch an hour ago so I had to put on my aggressive hat and ask if they were done.

Here is the interesting part.  I asked one gentleman if he was done and if we could have the table since he just had his families stuff occupying all the seats but nobody actually sitting there.  I could tell he didn’t want to move.  One of the staff members even came over and let him know that if they were done eating he would have to let others enjoy their lunch.  As I pressured him a bit his wife came over and it was one of our friends from school!!!!

Isn’t that wild?  Out of probably 300 Chinese people the ones I asked to move ended up being the ones we knew.  The husband and I just didn’t recognize each other as it is his wife that usually drops the kids off at school and goes to swim lessons.  And it doesn’t end there.  We bumped into them AGAIN the next day at the Chinese grocery store where and learned the mother had unfortunately hurt her leg since she was on crutches.  But it wasn’t from skiing but from sledding that she got her injury.

Well, that is all I have for today.  As I said, I’ve been lethargic so haven’t been getting up as early as I usually do and early in the morning is the best time for writing.  The months continue to slip by and the holidays are a very distant memory.  It is amazing how fast time passes when you’re over 40.

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