My name on Mars

My name is now physically on Mars.  I posted about this back in 2015 when names were being accepted by NASA.  

NASA – Frequent Flyer

NASA Tweet

The launch was delayed due to a seismometer issue and finally launched on May 5th, 2018.  Well, it has arrived and I can now say that my name is physically on another planet!

This is what the chip looks like up close.

Installation of the “Send Your Name to Mars” project microchip on the InSight lander.

And one more of the NASA picture in case that Tweet ever gets deleted or there is a problem with it.

I also posted about how disappointed I was when I posted it to Facebook and only got 2 likes!  I mean, you could physically have your name on another planet, I would think this might garner some interest!  Imagine explaining this to a class 20 years ago.  Soon we’ll all be interconnected and can leave messages for each other.  If one of those messages were that you can have your name physically on Mars would you respond to it and take advantage of the opportunity?  I think almost 100% would want to do it.  But nope, out of probably 150 people who saw that post only two responses.  Astounding!

Here is the post for the record:

Journal Entry – 10.17.2017

And, the original boarding pass page where I learned about the opportunity.  Unfortunately I had missed the test flight of Orion for my mileage but was very glad I didn’t miss InSight


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