Journal Entry – 12.2.2018

It is 7:23 on Sunday morning.  The household is still asleep which is rare for this time but there is a 80% chance someone will wake up and be in the living room before 7:45 so I’m not left much time.

I love the quiet of the morning.  I also love this time of year but I really miss the snow.  Now everyone knows I like a nice ambiance and in the morning usually have my TV fireplace with its crackling and accompanied quiet soundtrack as well as my Amish fireplace going.  My wife also bought some electric candles from Costco also have added a nice element to my beautiful mornings.  So, for this season I went ahead and bought two DVDs of winter scenes, snow falling the the forest and things like that.  Since we’ll never have snow at least I can have my TV creating a scene which my windows will not.

The only difference in winter here in Pacifica is that the mornings are a bit chillier, it actually rains, and the fog comes much less.

Time is rolling by and I’ve just returned from almost a week of sales training in Dallas and end of the year holiday party.  For those things you always have to be ‘on,’ and then you’ve also got your work which piles up.  There are events at night which usually involve booze then you get an un-restful night of sleep in a hotel.  Needless to say it is always wonderful to come back home.

Christmas is fast approaching and we’ve think our gift lists are set.  Now we just need to get them ordered and then the tricky part comes.  What do we tell the kids, especially my son at age 8 about all these boxes that are arriving?  We now do our shopping online and so it is more difficult to hide them since they could be delivered at anytime.  As I write this I thought that the best way is to simply not have them delivered on weekends.  The kids would most likely be in school when the deliveries are made and then we could put them in a pantry room where the kids never go.  Problem solved I guess?

So what to do with the day?  Sundays’ are our only day off from the hectic schedule we keep.  But it isn’t restful to stay indoors with two kids so it is better that I plan the day out.  A portion of time is simply spent playing with them as that is of most importance.  I also hope to workout but that is best done in the very early morning before everyone wakes up.  I’d also like to get some gardening done and organize a bit.

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