Journal Entry – 11.27.2018

It is 5:23 AM on Tuesday November 27th.  I’m at the airport on my way to another sales training.  These trainings aren’t bad but I don’t really like having them right after the Thanksgiving holiday.  The first is that it will cause me to miss my son’s birthday.  The second is that it hangs over my head during Thanksgiving weekend.

I never sleep well when I have to get up early for a flight.  I slept in what seemed like thirty minute and one hour increments.  My dreams were weird.  The worst one was that I was responding to an e-mail on my phone from my boss when someone swiped my carry on luggage.  I realized it almost immediately but couldn’t find it looking at everyone in my immediate area.  That caused a long 15 minutes of terrible sleep while my mind raced and I tried to find my carry on.  I then woke up and realized I was still in my bed and the luggage sitting safely in my foyer.

There were two snafus this morning.  The first was I had a shirt with a hood but my favorite Oyama hoodie also had a hood.  Now when I have to catch a very early flight I leave my clothes out so I don’t have to wake anyone up.  Well, I had to change shirts so opening the door I woke up my wife.  She then woke up and when I went to give her a kiss goodbye in the dark I kicked her slipper under the bed.

The second issue was I had scheduled a Lyft but they must have cancelled on me because when I opened up the app it was looking for drivers and nothing was showing up.  Luckily Uber had a car in the area so I grabbed that one.  The problem with Linda Mar and ride services is neither Uber nor Lyft drivers like to come all the way down to Linda Mar to pick people up.  They hang out way up in Daly City and even if they do get assigned to me about five will cancel which can cause a delay.

So here I am in the airport and I feel as though I’m on autopilot.  I’m just going through the motions while my mind is still half asleep.  I never thought I’d be one to have to take a lot of business trips and become so accustomed to this.  I imagine those that are taking a trip for the first time and how exciting going to the airport must be.  I don’t share this excitement when I’m here for business trips.

Life has been very busy recently and there is always one more thing to do.  It has been really busy since last Wednesday.  We had a party then had to wake up to prepare for Thanksgiving.  That of course took the whole day and on Friday we were too pooped to do much.  On Saturday I watched some of the Ohio State – Michigan game with Kent and then we went to the Dicken’s Fair.  I came back and then it was time to set up the Christmas tree, our little Parc 56 village and other decorations.  Sunday was devoted to chores.  Then Monday rolled around very quickly and I had a lot of work stuff to take care of.  Now here I am and this week will go quickly as well.  I’m really looking forward to getting back into town on Saturday.  December is usually a pretty slow month as far as work goes but I still need to produce.

Let me go back to Monday.  One thing I definitely had to get taken care of was getting the Santa letters taken care of.  My boys wrote letters to Santa and the USPS provides a service where you mail the letters to Santa and provide response letters in envelopes that USPS will send back to you with a North Pole postmark.   I had most materials such as templates and old style paper which I ordered last year.  I ordered Santa stamps from USPS but they didn’t arrive in time and I really wanted to get those out yesterday.  So I went to the post office and luckily they had “Snow Day” themed stamps I could use.

Well, due to a very sleepless night I’m feeling pretty tired so will wrap this up for now.

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