Journal Entry – Monday – 10.22.2018

It is Monday morning at 8:33 AM.  Usually this is one of the worst times to write due to Monday morning work but I wanted to get a few things down that have been on my mind.

An acquaintance from my childhood put a message up on her Facebook saying “Be Inclusive, Be Kind.”  She has a child with Downs Syndrome and so this message is of extreme importance to her.  It struck me because she was Not inclusive and Not kind when she was a kid.  My mom told me that when I was in kindergarten with this person she was asking for people to play with her.  Apparently I said, “I’ll play with you,” to which she responded “No, not you.”  I had forgotten this episode but my Mom never did and said she wanted to punch her kindergartener or not!  Yes, I would feel the same if someone was mean like that to my kids.

But I have not forgotten that she was one of the meanest girls in grade school and made life a living hell for a few other girls in the class.  Amazing how things change when you grow up and have your own children.  Be Inclusive, Be Kind indeed!  I wonder if she reflects on her own childhood and realizes how mean she was?  Karma did catch up with her more quickly than expected as her pretty looks did not last into high school and she lost her popularity very quickly.

The second thing on my mind is an unexpected study on anime.  I’ve never been an anime person so never got into that culture even though I lived in Japan.  Yes, I watched Inu Yasha but that was just to study Japanese.  Anyway, we were at San Mateo park and I noticed a lot of people dressed as anime characters and even some girls in kimono.  I wondered what was going on and found a sign that it was a private event called Autum Taisho Romance – An Afternoon Party.

I was curious as to what this was and so looked it up when I got home.  Boy did I go down the Anime rabbit hole quickly and remembered how strange it can get.

In short the party is thrown by women who cross dress as butlers and these women enjoy something called Yaoi manga which is male on male love.  However, it isn’t directed towards gays but instead women.  Website is  .  Well, there is something I didn’t know before.  I guess I should brush up a little on the anime culture and its zillion subcultures in case my own children start to read manga/watch anime.  I should probably know what is what so I can steer them a bit.  To each his (or her) own but goodness that isn’t what I thought it was.  I’ve been educated.

Ok Monday morning, back to work.

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