Journal Entry – 9.25.2018

It is 10:59 AM and I’m at the Oakland airport waiting for my flight to Seattle.  I’ve never been to Seattle and have the opportunity due to work.  I’ve got two customer visits tomorrow and two on Thursday then I hope a flight back home.  I have no visits today so thought I’d go check out Kerry Park to get a picture of that Seattle skyline.  Then perhaps pop down to Pike Place which is similar to Fisherman’s Wharf here in San Francisco.

After passing through security I went to go get a coffee and found myself right next to the gate with a flight to Ohio.  I felt a tinge of sadness as I wish I was going on that flight.  I scanned the crowd on the off chance there might be someone I knew.  Many had Ohio State gear on but I didn’t know anyone so just gave a few more thoughts to my hometown, to previous chapters in my life and then headed over to the gate I would be using which wasn’t going to Ohio.

So where have I been recently?  We’re back into routine and my free-time is scarce.  Ever since Japan and the jet-lag however I haven’t been able to wake up early like I used.  Let me correct that, I haven’t been able to get up early: I still wake up early but now have been going back to sleep.  That second sleep makes me have very weird dreams so hopefully I’ll get the discipline and motivation to start getting up.

Life has been moving very fast and I feel as though I’m in a daze.  Part of the reason is due to the new job which keeps me very busy.  Then there is karate, playing with the boys and all the daily chores that need done.

As for recent happenings, my body completely fell apart a few weeks ago.  I was sick, got gout, and athletes foot.  I think that was my body telling me to get back on the routine of exercise and eating healthily of which I’m happy to oblige.

We’ve done some upgrades to the entertainment system as we were sorely due.  Everything came from Costco.  We got a nice new OLED TV which is beautiful, a receiver and speakers.  We’ve also hung the TV up on the wall which creates a  lot more room.  The sound portion of the upgrade was a big learning experience for me.

Originally I had bought a sound bar and sub-woofer along with the AV receiver.  What I quickly learned is that a sound bar has its own amplifier and the TV gets confused trying to talk to both the sound bar and the receiver.  The reason I wanted the receiver is so I could use two surround sound speakers that were built into the house.  Using a soundbar and sub-woofer would have made things simple but I was determined.

In messing around I learned that I could still use the proprietary surround sound speakers from the old Sony Blu-Ray.  All I needed to do was cut off the proprietary plugs at the end, strip the wire a bit and attach to the AV speakers!  However, I couldn’t use the sub-woofer so bought a new one off of Amazon.

After watching our first movie I decided we needed a better center channel so bought that off Amazon as well.  We now have Dolby surround sound 7.1 and I’m proud of myself having learned a lot and not giving up by going the easy route.  The sound is fantastic and we now have a great system.

Well, there is more I wanted to write about but I need to get to the gate.

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