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These days, especially under the Trump administration there has been a lot of division.  This has been seen with Trump refusing to denounce the white nationalists and forcing the NFL players to stand.  The NFL players are protesting what they see as police brutality, but it goes deeper than that.  Here are my thoughts.

The blacks have never been treated fairly, this is true.  They were brought over as slaves, spent hundreds of years in slavery and upon gaining freedom were treated as third class citizens.  It is impossible to succeed when you’re living in a majority that does not give you equal opportunities.  Reading about World War II and the migration of southern blacks to Vallejo to work building ships for the war effort and what has become of their descendants really made the point.  They came for the work but once the war ended were left with nothing.  How difficult is it for a man to raise a family when he cannot provide for them?  This created alcoholics, absent fathers and broken families.  And so what do we have now in Vallejo, in Richmond and in Oakland?  We have boys that are raised without fathers, in broken families and many turn to gangs, violence and crime since our society has not given them a chance.  The cities they live in are cesspools of violence and the cops are the ones who have to deal with it.  So, seeing such violence day after day and the mess that was created causes situations in which they shoot first.

Everyone seems only to have the capacity to see one side of the issue.  For the blacks, the whites cannot see nor understand the awful lives many were born into in these areas.  There is no empathy.  And many do not understand what police are subjected to and have to deal with in these areas.  They do not understand what it is like to stand against the chaos to provide the rest of us with a peaceful society.

Reading the internet I’m seeing hatred against many types of groups:  hatred against Asians, against women, against foreigners, migrants and so on.  It seems there is no shortage these days for groups to hate.

How primitive are we as a human species?  If we were to take the view point of an advanced alien species who has seen this planet develop since it’s beginnings how silly and stupid would all of this be?  We are all one species yet the little differences between us such as color, gender or national origin cause such terrible divisions.

I was reading a group on reddit called the hapas (half white half Asian) and there is such vitriol against everyone that isn’t one of them.  This is all very silly.

We as a species crawled out of the sea and over millions of years developed into a species.  According to historians there were different types of humans, many which mixed and some which died off.  With the advent of DNA testing this stares us directly in the face, I myself having more neanderthal genes than most of the tested population.  Our species all came out of Africa, spread to different regions and developed different characteristics.  But we do not understand history, the technology and what it tells us is too much for us.

Recently in the USA there has been a resurgence of “white” nationalism but I ask, what does ‘white’ mean?  Looking at my DNA I am comprised of different nationalities that all hated each other and many nations still do.  I have one Italian ancestor and it used to be that Italians were not considered white at all!  How about the Spanish with their moorish blood, are they considered ‘white?’

How about Asian?  The nations there still do not like each other very much and in some countries like China there are many different types of ‘Asians’ which look nothing like each other.  What does it mean to be Chinese, Korean or Japanese?  Do they all think of themselves as ethnically pure?  I wonder with this new DNA testing how much trouble it would cause to learn that they are all mixed, that there are no ‘pure’ Chinese, Koreans or Japanese and if we go far back enough to know that we all came out of Africa?  Science is telling us that we are the same race, the same species but we can only see the present and we only associate with others like us.  How sill is all of this?

It seems to all be a farce, a mass stupidity and the human race isn’t all that advanced at all since we are too stupid to realize the facts.

This is what is going through my head today.

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