Journal Entry – 7.11.2018

It is 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 11th.  For the past couple days I really haven’t been feeling like myself.  With all the changes recently (and beer in Asheville) my mind was in a fog.  It is only after a brief workout today and getting back into the routine of work that I feel a little bit more normal.  I had wanted to make it a longer workout but realized that today is the farmer’s market and I didn’t want to miss my veggies!

I need to get back into routine of working out, eating healthy foods and losing weight.  I’m not growing wheat-grass right now due to my travels and so my vegetable/fruit juice in the mornings are my main source of nutrition and for that the vegetables must come from the farmer’s market.  I only had $11 in my wallet so I had to go to the bank first which also took time.  I also saw my neighbor Tom outside and we had a good chat so time was running out.  Luckily I made it in time as they don’t close until 6:30.

Speaking of the bank I think I’ll switch over to Chase because they just seem to have better technology, a better website and the branches are bright with plenty of ATMs.  I’ve not liked Bank of America since they robo called me to sell theft protection around 2007 telling me “Please don’t let the criminals take all of what you’ve worked so hard for!”  Um, isn’t it the job of the bank to protect my money in the first place?  Why would I need to pay for an extra service for that?  They then made me mad again because every time I would walk into a branch the teller would congratulate me telling me I was eligible for a credit card.  I was congratulated about 10 times and just stopped going into the branch.  The final reason for the switch is that Chase is located in Ohio and California and there are no Bank of America’s in Ohio.  So I think it would just be more convenient and perhaps I’ll make the switch while I have all this free time.

But going back to having a foggy mind, I’ve also been in a bit of a whirlwind due to the new job.  There is so much to learn but I’m getting the hang of things pretty quickly.  If I were still with my previous company I wouldn’t have to do much since I had everything under control after 6 years.  But now I’ve got a lot of work to do and will be quite busy for the first year at least.

So what am I doing with my time?  Well, in addition to having a foggy mind, I’ve also been a bit lethargic and not motivated to do much of anything except for my job which has to get done.  I’ve been binge watching Game of Thrones and although I’d watched up to season 5 am re-watching so I can remember what happened and then will complete the series.  I had intended to get so much done while I have this free time so I really shouldn’t waste it.  It is just a matter of getting rid of the lethargy and to do that I have to force myself to workout and go to karate.  That is hard to do when your mind is telling you to sleep more.

Well, that is enough for now, time for Game of Thrones.

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