Ohio – 6.24.2018

I’m at Stauf’s cafe on a quiet Sunday morning and have had my mocha can chocolate chip scone. I like getting here early while the sun is just rising over the houses across the road and the weather is cool. I arrived at 7:58 and wondered why everyone was just standing around. It turns out that Stauf’s doesn’t open until 8:00 on Sunday.

To get here I rode the 1950’s style blue framed bike which always gets me a lot of looks and even a couple of nods if not smiles. It is a great mode of transportation around Pleasantville otherwise known as Grandview.

As I type this I can feel the heat from the sun and know it will be a nice day. I’m here by myself because Dad whent to referee a softball game and Mom to church. They’ll be back a little later and I think we’re all going to the Grandview pool which will be nice. After I finish up this post I think I’ll ride over to Trinity School, my old house on Meadow road and then up 1st Ave.

Author: 魔手

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