Ohio – 6.23.2018

It has been a small adventure so far.

I hailed a Lyft but forgot it is Pride in SF today so the first couple of drivers cancelled on me and there were none around in Pacifica. Finally Flavio came but drove right past me. I called him and he turned around. It was apparent he was new because he wanted to head the long way down Crespi (I told him to turn around and take Fassler) and then he almost missed the exit for Daly City. I let him know but other drivers were being jerks and not letting him over and honking their horns. I asked if he spoke Spanish and he did but it was apparent his first language was Portugese.

I made it onto BART and had to remind myself of which train to take so I didn’t have to transfer. On the way to SF some Drag Queen decided to make some drama, held open the train door and wouldn’t let it close. That earned her a shout over the intercom from the driver. It was the next carriage over and it looks like she was having some words with someone who just boarded the train. I saw a few passengers talk to her and finally she left before the cops showed up.

The next issue on the BART was there was this otherwise athletic looking, even a bit handsome Indian guy, except for the fact that he kept picking his nose and putting it in his mouth. That was absolutely disgusting and must have been some sort of mental tic for him as he kept doing it over and over.

Upon arrving at the Coliseum station I first saw what looked like a Blood gang member (wearing all red) and made sure not to make eye contact and let him pass. Then I saw what was definitely a Crip due to his blue clothes trailing the Blood. I made sure to pick up the pace and make it to the airport skytrain.

I arrived at Oakland and looked for the curbside checkin. It didn’t look too busy and so I took my spot in line. After a few minutes a couple asked me if this was the line for curbside and I said yes. In a true Christmas Story department store Santa moment the attendant looked up and said “this isn’t the line, the line is over there!” I looked back and it was a mile long so I just proceeded inside. I had a moment of panic since the airport was absolutely packed and the busiest I’ve ever seen it. I had to use my airport smarts because the line was two miles long for the checkin. I saw that the self check in wasn’t busy but since I was non-revenue I wondered if I could still tag my own bag at the machine. It turned out I could but then didn’t know where to go. I asked an employee and they just said “over there” which was back where the two mile long line was. There was much confusion because people just dropping off bags were lining up for the general checkin. I asked another attendant and it turned out the self tag bag drop line was very short.

I waited in line and an attendant offered to help. He was very stressed and saw my carryon without a tag and said, “No, I cannot help you, you have to go to the machine first.” He didn’t hear that I was explaining I just needed to drop off the golf clubs which were already tagged. He realized it and helped me out.

Then I went to security and the line was also very long there. I noticed that the express line sign mentioned employees so a quick flash of my badge and I was in. Boy does that badge come in useful!

The final hurdle was hoping I would get on the flight and a previous check last night seemed that I would but since the airport is so busy I was a bit nervous. I found the gate to Columbus and there was an agent already at the gate. I introduced myself, showed my badge and mentioned that I believe I was the only one on standby. That was correct and I got my boarding pass straight away! Again I was a bit nervous because if I didn’t get on my golf clubs would still go, I’d have to see if there was any possible way to get to Columbus today and if not, hike it back to Pacifica and try again tomorrow!

The cost from Pacifica to Oakland Airport was about $10 for the Lyft and then another $10 for the BART to Oakland, not too bad.

So now I’m just sitting here at the gate ready for the adventure to continue.

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