Journal Entry – 5.26.2018

It is 2:37 on Saturday May 26th, 2018.  Today is my 41st birthday.

I woke up around 5:30 AM and did my morning routine:  put away the dishes and clean any that hadn’t been done, make the coffee and drink my vegetable juice.  Once everyone was awake I got started on cleaning the four fish tanks.  They were a bit overdue and I just wanted to get it done since it takes about two hours and I wouldn’t want to do it later in the day. After that it was clean up more dishes from breakfast and then off to karate.  I came back home, took a nap and then received a call from my parents.

It is hard to believe I’m 41 years old; where does the time go?  As I mentioned many posts ago I still considered myself young throughout my 30s but that isn’t possible to do now that I’m in the early 40s.  I don’t even know anyone in their 20s as our social group are my age and up and all our kids are still very young.  I have no idea what 20 year olds do with their time these days, what they listen to, what they watch or what apps are popular.  And you know what?  I really don’t care.  I still think the 80s and 90s were great, I was overseas throughout the 2000s and this decade has been pretty much a blur.  Time sure does go much faster the older you get.

I’ve stopped using Facebook and rarely post anymore.  I still keep in touch with some old friends but not many.  I don’t talk to my two best friends from high school much but I know they are around and will always be willing to meet up when I go back to Ohio.  The other friendships have faded, even on Facebook.  I do have a couple of guys I always contact when I go back to Japan and that is always nice.

I received a call from my good buddy Axel who lives in Colorado.  One of our classmates – Liu Lian – is visiting Colorado and they are going fishing/hiking and doing other Colorado things today.  It was nice of him to remember my birthday and even more so to give a call while Liu Lian is there.  It was great to speak with them both.  I also got a message from my good buddy Kevin in Las Vegas.  He is one I do keep in contact with and we’ll see each other here sooner than later.

I’m currently at home and have some free time since the family is out.  I thought I’d just get one birthday post in and then maybe try to finish my nap.  My buddy Brandon is having a cookout about 5 and I’ll head over there.  I don’t think I’ll be drinking too much since, as I’m getting older, I really don’t like the feeling the next day after drinking alcohol.  I like to be clear, focused and get things done.  The after effects of drinking interfere with that.

I’m pretty tired from karate class so I think I’ll either watch some YouTube or perhaps play Zelda.  Or, maybe I’ll just drift back to sleep.

Author: 魔手

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