Journal Entry – 5.12.2018

It is 9:08 AM on Saturday, May 12th.  It is a beautiful day as the weather is already warm, the birds are singing and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  It is also the day before Mother’s Day and my wife is happy with a brand new Apple Watch which according to her is her early birthday present.  Since it is a big gift I’m off the hook for a Mother’s Day gift but we do have a nice day planned for tomorrow.  I’ll get up early and go crabbing with my buddy Sadao and hopefully I’ll catch one or two.  Sadao also taught me how to make crab flavored miso soup which would be a great addition to our cookout tomorrow.

As for watches, I don’t need an Apple Watch even though they are extremely cool.  Like my jean jacket I like sentimental things from my past and so I pulled out the G-Shock watch my wife got me when we were dating fifteen years ago.  I never wore it as I stopped wearing watches when cell phones became mainstream.  I also stopped wearing any accessories when I lived in Vietnam since gold things can get stolen.

But pulling out the watch and putting it on make me think I might like to start wearing one again especially since I’ve got my internet/tech privacy project going.  The watch also is something important to me since it was given to me by my wife and is from my past.  It also looks retro cool!  But the battery died long ago so I’ll have to get a new one. So now I’ll be wearing my old watch as well as a jean jacket which is new but reminiscent of the past.

Since today is Saturday that means adult karate class.  Since it is grueling it is something I have had to make myself go to.  But as I mentioned in many previous posts the show Cobra Kai gets me excited about going and fighting.  Karate not only makes you stronger and tougher but is also inherently awesome.  It is becoming part of my identity and identity is something I haven’t thought about in a long time.  When you’re young you’re into identity which is often determined by the music you listen to, how you dress, the girl you date and what sports you do.  That goes away when you get older but it is fun to think about it again, especially when you’re working out, doing karate and trying to continuously improve your life.  It makes me feel younger again and not be too concerned about getting older.

As for computer stuff I’m really enjoying using Linux and have been learning a lot of new things.  Yesterday I was able to accomplish one thing that I’d been meaning to; that is to make my database work on Linux since it doesn’t support Microsoft Office.  I read the instructions, downloaded some things, threw in some commands and it worked!

Next on the agenda is learning basic Linux terminal commands because I think it is just cool to be able to use the terminal when using a computer.

As I write this I’m listening to the show Cobra Kai because I’d like to make a list of the ’80s songs Johnny listened to.  When I put on the ’80s channel on Amazon it always plays the same songs and so some really great stuff gets buried and forgotten.  By making a list I’ll be able to rediscover some great songs and since they are used in a karate show they get me pumped up for class.

By 魔手

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