The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’ve finally completed The Legend of Zelda:  Breath of the Wild.

I’ve always wanted to play Zelda ever since I was a kid and saw my friends who had a Nintendo playing.  My best friend had a Sega and so that is what I wanted and I remained in the Sega camp all the way through Genesis.  Since the ’90s I’ve not bought a console but thought it was time as my son was getting older and only had my old games which were played on an emulator on the computer.  And so I bought Zelda on a whim thinking it might take me back to my childhood a bit.

I let it sit for a month after Christmas not giving it a second thought.  Then one day I decided to try it out and there went my free time for the next three months.  It was a fantastic game and very addicting!

I did actually complete the game a month ago by beating Ganon:  I just strolled right in there without the top gear/equipment to see what he was like and I did not expect that I would actually beat him.  And so after the credits finished I reloaded the game from a previous save point and continued with the game as I like to complete them as fully as possible.

As of now I’ve:

1.  Found all 120 shrines – I did cheat using a map on the last 20 or so as I don’t have the time to just wander all over Hyrule for an eternity.

2.  Got the Wild Armor set and have it fully upgraded as well as fully upgraded all armor sets.

3.  Found about 150 Korok seeds – no need to find them all.

4.  Completed all of the side quests (a few may be missing) except for Rushroom which is just annoying.

Here are a few of my favorite screenshots from the game.

Now that Zelda is done I’m redirecting my focus on writing in this journal, especially since I have a nice new (and tiny) laptop.

By 魔手

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