Journal Entry – 3.29.2018

It is 8:27 AM on Thursday March 29th.  We’re getting unusually warm weather which makes it feel like spring.  Yes, it is spring but the weather doesn’t change too much year around here in the Bay like it does in Ohio.  You don’t get that feeling of euphoria on a really nice day like you do after a harsh winter in Ohio.  But it is nice when the weather warms up past the usual 60 degrees here on the coast.  The only problem is that on the weekends especially everyone descends on the coast which snarls traffic on Highway 1.  So it takes a long time, at least a 30 minute delay if you plan on leaving the house.

This morning the birds are singing and I believe I hear robins although I’m not exactly sure.  Robins are migratory here and I only see them from January to about April.  My neighbors used to have trees with red berries which a large amount of robins would come eat.  They are doing a lot of yard work and have cut those trees down so I don’t see as many robins as I used to.  I do like to hear their songs in the morning because it reminds me of my time working at Raymond Memorial golf course when I’d walk to work at 4:30 AM.  It seemed to me that the only other beings alive at that time were the robins who would be chirping very loudly.  Listening to them in the morning here reminds me of how fast time passes by and how long it has been since that job on the golf course.

I feel as though I’ve been in a foggy time warp for the past few months.  The days go by in a blur and I’m not as mindful on the joys of life and not appreciating the day as I should.  This year is the first time I’ve gotten the flu in many years and that threw me into a bit of depression since I wasn’t working out nor going to karate.

The good news is I’m better now, working out again and have gotten back into the karate routine.  The exercise makes me feel so much better and I’m motivated to get things done unlike the lethargy that overtook me when I was sick.

Speaking of which I have a number of things to accomplish today so I’ll consider this post done and get to them.

By 魔手

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