Journal Entry – 2.12.2018

It is 4:11 AM on Monday February 12th.  I haven’t written in a while due to Zelda Breath of the Wild which I started playing about a month ago. I haven’t played a console game in two decades but had always wanted to play Zelda as a kid.  I am surprised how good it is and how quickly it sucked me in!  So, instead of writing or working out in the mornings Zelda has become my first choice, a choice which eventually I’ll need to change so I can start working out again!

The year 2018 is going by very quickly and the holidays of 2017 seem so far away now.  This year is shaping up to be a busy one with a lot of travel.  Soon we’ll be traveling to Jamaica as I won the Best in Class award again.  This is great but I’m still disappointed that we now have to pay for our “plus one” and it is no longer in Mexico.  Montego Bay is great but Mexico would be my first choice since it is part of my past and I speak Spanish.  I’d really like to visit Isla Mujeres again with the entire family and make it a longer trip but that isn’t an option anymore.

Next up is that I’ll be a bachelor when the family goes to Japan in the summer for two months.  During this time I’ll head to Ohio and North Carolina to see the family before joining my family for two weeks in Japan.

In addition to all of this my parents and sister will come for a visit here shortly and we’ll head up to Tahoe for a bit.  So in all, this makes four trips in 2018 which I’m looking forward to.  It has been a while since my last trip and a change of scenery is needed once in a while.

As for karate, it took me about two weeks after the new year to really get back into the swing of it.  One of the reasons is that it is a big workout and is difficult to get going again.  The trick, as the motto states, is to not think and just sweat.  I’m now back into it with my son and making good progress.  However, my body does let me know that I’m 40 and it takes a minute or so to get loose after which I feel like I’m in my 20s again during the workout only to be reminded that I’m not the next morning.

Well, I feel like I’m rambling a bit and the words just aren’t flowing as they usually do for this post.  Also, Zelda is still on the mind so perhaps I’ll play the game a bit and sleep another hour before everyone wakes up.

By 魔手

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