New Year’s Day 2018

It is 8:52 AM on January 1st, 2018.  I would have preferred to write this in the early morning as usual but I was absolutely exhausted yesterday, went to bed early and slept until 6:15 AM which is very late for me.  I woke up and began all the usual chores and only now have some time in which to mildly ignore the children so I can get this New Year’s post in.

Last night we went over to Miyuki’s house so the girls could watch 紅白.  Even though there was plenty of great wine I didn’t have any because I had my neighbor Sandra as well as Kent and Brandon over the day before and we had plenty of wine then.  So, I bought myself some creme soda and had fun watching the others get pretty tipsy and enjoyed their tipsy conversation.  Note to self; do not ask Brandon if he will let his daughter date guys with neck tattoos in the future.  My stance is that you don’t even give them a chance but Brandon says he’ll raise his daughter right and if she brings a guy with a neck tattoo home, it wouldn’t be his preference, but he’ll give the guy a chance.

After the party I went straight to bed and had the most restful, deep sleep I’ve had in a while.  I was awoken by fireworks at midnight but only for a second.  Brandon invited me up to Peter’s where they continued the party but there was no way and all I wanted to do was sleep.  As usual when I don’t continue the party with them I awoke to some fun messages in the morning.  Brandon left me a nice two minute voicemail which I think I’ll save the fun parts and play back at the next party.

We have friends coming over the half an hour so I’ll have to wrap this up quickly.  We’re heading over to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve for pictures where the sunlight shines just right through the petrified trees and makes it truly seem like an enchanted forest.  Unfortunately the tide is high at this time so won’t be able to see the tide pools.

The two things on my mind which I wanted to write more about but don’t think I’ll have the time is that the Christmas tree on New Year’s Day seems like a relic already.  It represents the apex of the holiday season:  a time when you’re together more with friends and family, there are parties, celebrations and events going on all over the place and life just seems a bit more joyful.

New Year’s Day however represents looking forward and the excitement of the unknown which 2018 holds secret only to be slowly revealed throughout the year.  It also represents starting anew and the chance to change one’s life if they wish.  The joy and happiness are abundant on this day (unless one has a horrible hangover) and it last until the the holiday spirit, which could have lasted three months or so starting with Halloween, all comes crashing down to an abrupt end when everyone returns to work tomorrow.  It is especially hard because work which accumulated throughout the holidays now need to get done and one is faced with grim realities as the last remnants of the joyful holiday spell drift away and it all seems like a pleasant dream.

To add to the dismay, one still sees a few Christmas tree lots where a few sad trees sit there, dejectedly, having never been chosen, never decorated.  Their life cut short by a capitalist’s axe and there is nothing left for them except to be thrown away.  I feel a sense of sadness for those trees.

Well, I’m being told to do things and our friends arrive in 15 minutes.  I think I’d like to write a poem about the Christmas trees that do not get picked but have no time.

And so the new year beings.

By 魔手

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