Journal Entry – 11.4.2017 – Afternoon

I’m just back from karate and am feeling good.  This morning after my first journal entry I got a workout in, took a shower then a little nap.  I went to karate class and we practiced punches but also shiho blocks.  I’m feeling more confident fighting and a senpai even made the comment that I am very fast “who is this guy?”

The reason for that is I always hold back.  My thought was if I don’t punch/kick too hard I won’t receive hard punches/kicks back in return!  But also, I’ve learned to pace myself and being a green belt have added to the kicks that I actually know.  In short, I’m learning how to fight better.  Stamina is still an issue so I have to watch about running out of gas but as long as the stamina is ok I feel pretty strong and confident during the fights.

I was feeling great after karate but unfortunately I couldn’t stop myself from going to Taco Bell afterwards.  There isn’t much I really want for lunch in the house and Taco Bell was calling my name!

I always feel so good after a nice workout.  It is not only my body but also my mind.  Now I just need to stop reading the news and concentrate on creating my own reality as I have mentioned before.  Working out really helps with this, releasing all those endorphins and just puts me in a very good mood.  But afterwards my body lets me know that I’m 40 and gets much stiffer than when I was young after a hard workout.

So what to do with the rest of the day?  I have some time before the family comes back so I think I’ll wrap this post up and read my Lapham’s Quarterly or perhaps watch a documentary or two while lying on the couch.  Another nap could also be in order if there is time!

Author: 魔手

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